iTunes remove 'plastic surgery' apps for kids

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Have you ever searched for 'plastic surgery kids' in the iTunes App Store? We are guessing you haven't because a) you wouldn't think that such things exist, b) most parents would never let their children play with these harmful 'games', which are really just marketing material and c) why would you? We did. Because it's our job. We work in eating disorders and body dissatisfaction prevention. We work with parents and children from all walks of life to teach them that to be happy in your body, no matter what size, shape or colour it may be, is the healthiest, most empowering thing you can do! Marketing cosmetic surgery to children is harmful. It is wrong. We want it to STOP. We can give you all the facts and data about why apps with cosmetic surgery content should not be shown to children, but our guess is, you don't need them. If you agree that 'plastic surgery' apps designed for children should be permanently removed from worldwide iTunes platforms, please help us to petition Apple to make this change. Thank you for your support. The EMBodIED Research Team, La Trobe University and The Butterfly Foundation, Australia