Apple Inc.: Implement web push notifications on iOS devices

Apple Inc.: Implement web push notifications on iOS devices

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WonderPush a lancé cette pétition adressée à Apple

Web push notifications are alert-style messages that can be sent by websites to a user’s desktop or mobile device even when the user is not active.

To date, almost all computers and phones support web push notifications. All, except iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPad.

Web push notification are a W3C standard repeatedly ignored by Apple. Safari on Mac desktops has relied on its own implementation, incompatible with the standard, and iOS devices have simply ditched the function. 

We understand Apple is protecting its AppStore business, and is refusing websites owners the same right to push information to users as AppStore developers.

As a reminder, AppStore developers share 30% of their revenue with Apple.

This situation should end, and Apple should add web push notifications to its iOS devices because it simply shouldn't try to control who has the right to contact iOS users.

Web push notifications rely on a mutual agreement between users and content providers, and users can end this agreement by the touch of a button and stop receiving messages. This process is by design compliant with the European regulation on privacy called GDPR.

On the other hand, with web push notifications, website owners can provide relevant quality content and even let users device what type of content they want to receive on their lock screens and computer displays.

Come on, Apple! Let iPhone and iPad users enjoy web push notifications.


7 356 ont signé. Prochain objectif : 7 500 !