an opportunity to use Basques mother tongue as main language in apple.

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English/ (Beherago)Euskaraz

For both the culture and the survival of the Basque Language (Euskara), we feel it is essential to use the language in our every day lives and of course we want it to use it with modern-day technology too. For many of us it is necessary to use our language in this global world which has become so technological.

However, we are not afforded the same language options the way other ethnicities are.

We ask that the Basque Language (Euskara) be integrated in systems like Apple, Microsoft, etc. As it is now, we are forced to go through various steps to attempt to interpret from Euskara to another language or another language to Euskara. I.e. Translating from English to Spanish then Spanish to Euskara. In this process the meaning and/or integrity of what is written or being said can be lost in translation.

We ask you to join us, the people (Euskaldunak) of The Basque Country (Euskal Herria), to petition the large technological companies to recognize and include our language into their systems. In doing so we will have the ability to use computer/technology systems properly and more effectively.

Thank you! 

Kultura eta hizkuntzaren biziraupenerako, ezinbestekoa da egunero hizkuntza erabiltzea eta, jakina, teknologia arloan maneiatu. Beraz, gutako askok, ados gaude gure hizkuntza mundu globalizatu honetan teknologia gisa erabili behar dugula.

Beraz, Euskara Appleko sistemetan erabil ahal izan beharko lirateke, bere hizkuntza nagusi gisa, beste hizkuntzetara jo gabe eta sistema behar bezala erabiltzeko gai izateko.



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