International Students Deserve Fair Examination

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On 29th April, the Exam Committee at Tilburg University has decided to grade the final exams of TLS: Global Law program with the standard x/10 grading system.

After voting whether a temporary pass/fail system should be implemented due to the Covid-19 outbreak; the Exam Committee at Tilburg University has come to the verdict to stick to the standard grading system. 

However, at TLS: Global Law program, where the majority of students are foreign international students, we are afraid that this decision will create an unfair competence amongst us. Due to the fact that we returned to our home countries in a hurry, and that it was not possible to predict neither the travel ban nor its duration, we currently do not have access to our study materials. (Textbooks, lecture notes etc.)

The standard grading system is most certainly going to benefit students who are residing in the Netherlands for the aforementioned reasons.

We, therefore demand the establishment of a more just and fair grading system for this semester; and we believe this can be easily realized with the temporary pass/fail grading.

It is true that we are witnessing unprecedented times, and we believe we can get through with your support and motivation. 

Thank you for your contribution to our hopes and education.