Help Unban Dumpster Diving Mama!


Help Unban Dumpster Diving Mama!

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Tiffany She'ree started this petition to Tiktok and

Hi everyone. I'm Dumpsterdivingmama.

I am a dumpster diver on TikTok, I started TikTok in 2019 with my first video, not thinking it would go viral, but it did! Within a week I had 50,000 followers and it's grown so much since then! I'm now at 2.2 Million! I have so many amazing followers, some I talk too very often and some I've become quite close with. I love them all! My amazing followers push me to keep going and keep doing what makes me happy.

Well, something unfortunate happened last week, I went to log onto my account and I got the notification that I was banned! I couldn't log into my account or anything it only gave me the option to download my data! No appeal or anything! Nor was I given ANY warning, I was so confused..

I'm thinking it's because so many of my videos are getting reported and taken down for no reason. Everytime one gets taken down I appeal it, and TikTok puts it back up. But I'm guessing that still counts as a strike against me? Not sure.

But you guys, I need my account. I've worked SO HARD to build what I have and I'd be devastated to loose it all. Through my TikTok I build partnerships, get collaborations, etc!It's my main hub for everything! With them banning me, I'm unable to access the funds I've made in the creator fund, which is wrong! I've earned that money ! Also keeping me from getting partnerships and collaborations.. And my TikTok is where I promote my website!

So it's pretty much taking away sources of income for myself and my family !

What I do is not illegal where I am. But my videos get reported for illegal activity...

I'm doing good for the planet!

I'm saving things from going to the landfill...

I really need help.. Help me get it back !

Please, and Thank you



This petition made change with 272 supporters!

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