Remove & Ban Andrew Tate: TikTok's Promoting Misogyny & Violating Its Community Guidelines

Remove & Ban Andrew Tate: TikTok's Promoting Misogyny & Violating Its Community Guidelines

15 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Reform the Future

TikTok is in direct violation of it's own Community Guidelines by supporting Andrew Tate's advocacy of Male Supremacy; including but not limited to the promotion of dehumanisation, grooming 18/19 year old girls, rape, sexual harassment, coercive and controlling behaviour as well as sexual, psychological & physical violence, exploitation, racism, homophobia, and abuse against people who identify as women/non-binary, and people who identify as LGBTQ+

So far, Andrew Tate's promotion of rape culture including hitting and choking women, is in direct violation of more than half of the social media platform's 12 categories of official Community Guidelines:

• Adult nudity and sexual activities
• Bullying and Harassment
• Hateful Behaviour
• Violent Extremism
• Integrity and Authenticity
• Illegal Activities and Regulated Goods
• Violent and Graphic Content

By refusing to censor and block Andrew and his content, TikTok is also complicit in breaching Article 14 of The Human Rights Act

TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Twitcher and so on: profit above people has no place in our world. Remove Andrew Tate's content from your platforms, remove his account, and ban him from using your platforms in the future. Your profits should never come above the safety of more than half the world's population. If this is not done you continue to endanger the groups of people effected and help incite sexual violence and other forms of violence, abuse and dehumanisation onto these people, giving them toxic false pretences about their individual identity, purpose & worth.

"Tate’s views have been described as extreme misogyny by domestic abuse charities, capable of radicalising men and boys to commit harm offline" ~ Shanti Das, The Guardian newspaper

This month alone, Tate has been googled more than Donald Trump & Kim Kardashian combined. His videos have racked up over 11.6 billion views on TikTok and he has over 1.4 million followers, with over 4.5 million followers on Instagram.

He is one of TikTok's most viewed creators, and has hundreds of ‘fan sites’ dedicated to him. All content from fan accounts on the platform as well as the accounts themselves must be removed and banned to conform with the platforms duty of care, as outlined in their community guidelines, as well as Article 14 of the Human Rights Act

Social media platforms have the duty of care to remove and ban him; not only because of their responsibility for the safety & wellbeing of the platform's female/ non binary/gender non-conforming, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ users - but to refrain their platform from incentivising and endorsing catastrophic sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, violent and derogatory social and cultural influence on a global scale.

These platform's silence & inactivity is endorsement of Andrew's extremely dangerous and dehumanising beliefs, as well as encouragement to act on his words. By choosing to let him and his content remain on your platforms you are complicit in his promotion of violence mentally & physically, towards women/non binary/gender non-conforming, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals and groups.

To your large numbers of young(and older) male followers, you are promoting: Grooming of young girls, sexist & misogynistic mentalities and behaviour, sexual assault, rape, violence, dehumanisation, degradation of vulnerable groups of people, male supremacy and other deeply unsettling behaviour & actions. 

Rape charity White Ribbon has called for Tate to be removed from TikTok, with a spokesperson saying his comments create "dangerous cultures and environments for women and girls to exist in."

"These videos are a clear example of rape culture, where rape and sexual violence are minimised and survivors are blamed for crimes committed against them." Amelia Handy, policy lead at Rape Crisis England and Wales told The Daily Mail.

"At the height of the #MeToo movement in 2017, Tate argued that female rape victims should bear some responsibility for their own rape - an opinion which he has reshared multiple times since. In one video, he demonstrates how he would attack a female partner if she ever accused him of cheating" - Marie Claire, Andrew Tate’s Rise To Fame Is Proof That We Are Still Failing Women by Lucy Cocoran

Misogyny is a way of thinking that upholds the primary status of men and a sense of male entitlement, while subordinating women and limiting their power and freedom. Conduct based on this thinking can include a range of abusive and controlling behaviours including rape, sexual offences, harassment and bullying, and domestic abuse.

People all over the world have been trying to get social media platforms to admit and enforce their own 'promises' written as "community guidelines" - aka, responsibilities as a global networking platform & organisation. For months in the mainstream media. It took me all of 1 minute to see enough of his content was outright irrefutable evidence of breach after breach. Many, many others have also been baffled the inaction and outraged at the neglected significance of the content being addressed and shut down.

Tate was banned from social media site Twitter in 2017 which concluded he had "violated the terms of the site" with his statements on the #MeToo movement. However, Twitter then ignored its own rules to verify Tate again, before saying his account was ‘verified in error’; despite him being booted from the platform two times before, one Twitter fan page I stumbled across set up in February 2022 now has over 95K followers, and is freely inflicting damage via the platform. There is no more room for complicity. 

""I support Andrew Tate" really is the equivalent to "I want to uphold misogyny so I can abuse women without repercussions"" @lovefromkae , and inaction is complicity. 

To give you some hope, here are but a few examples of people of all genders & sexes, all walks of life, making a stand in their physical and online communities:

Twitch Star xQc Shares Thoughts On Andrew Tate's 'Anti-Woman' Rant

Rape charities want Andrew Tate banned from TikTok

MPs demand TikTok remove clips amid fury over 'rape culture' promotion

King of toxic masculinity

People demand TikTok removes 'misogynistic' Andrew Tate videos


Examples of Andrew Tate's & TikTok's Violations to it's own Community Guidelines(for full breakdown read here):

Minor Safety: "Do not post, upload, stream, or share: Content that depicts, promotes, normalises, or glorifies grooming behaviours"

Adult nudity and sexual activities: "We also prohibit content depicting or supporting non-consensual sexual acts, the sharing of non-consensual intimate imagery, and adult sexual solicitation.

Sexual exploitation is defined as any actual or attempted abuse of a position of vulnerability, power, or trust for sexual purposes, including profiting monetarily, socially, or politically from the sexual exploitation of another. We do not permit sexually exploitative content"

Bullying and Harassment: "Do not post, upload, stream, or share:

- Content that insults another individual, or disparages an individual on the basis of attributes such as intellect, appearance, personality traits, or hygiene
- Content that encourages coordinated harassment
- Content that disparages victims of violent tragedies
- Content that wishes death, serious disease, or other serious harm on an individual"

Hateful Behaviour: "We define hate speech or behaviour as content that attacks, threatens, incites violence against, or otherwise dehumanises an individual or a group on the basis of the following protected attributes:

National origin
Sexual orientation
Gender identity
Serious disease
Immigration status

Violent Extremism: "We consider incitement to violence as advocating for, directing, or encouraging other people to commit violence. We do not allow threats of violence or incitement to violence on our platform that may result in serious physical harm"

Integrity and Authenticity: "We will remove misinformation that causes significant harm to individuals, our community, or the larger public regardless of intent. Significant harm includes serious physical injury, illness, or death; severe psychological trauma.

Do not post, upload, stream, or share: Misinformation that incites hate or prejudice"

Illegal Activities and Regulated Goods: "Criminal activities cover a wide spectrum of acts punishable by law, including theft, assault, human exploitation, counterfeiting, and other harmful behaviour. To prevent such behaviour from being normalised, imitated, or facilitated, we remove content that promotes or enables criminal activities.

Do not post, upload, stream, or share:

- Content that promotes acts of physical harm, such as assault or kidnapping
- Content that risks the safety of others, including swatting
- Content that promotes human exploitation, including human smuggling, bonded labor, domestic servitude, sex trafficking, or prostitution"

Violent and Graphic Content: "We do not allow content that is gratuitously shocking, graphic, sadistic, or gruesome or that promotes, normalises, or glorifies extreme violence or suffering on our platform. When it is a threat to public safety, we ban the account and, when warranted, we will report it to relevant legal authorities.

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Signatures: 195Next Goal: 200
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