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Conserve tigers and prevent them from becoming extinct

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Saving The Tigers

              Have you ever seen a tiger? If you have you're lucky because they might be extinct by the time your grandchildren are born. Tigers are strong, beautiful, majestic, and (sadly) Critically Endangered. There used to be 8 subspecies of tigers, now there are only 5 subspecies. The tiger's population has decreased by 97% since the early 1900s. Have you looked at a world map recently? Isn't the world big..... Well half of the world's tigers live in India. You know that country west of China, south of Nepal, and north of the India Ocean. Sad, isn't it and the worst part of it is we are the main cause of it. Not you personally unless you are a poacher or someone who cuts down tiger habitats. The problem is Humans are greedy they need their traditional Chinese medicine, their nice tiger furs and rugs, or they just have to make a strip mall in the middle of nowhere. Yes, we are awful but we can change that, you can sign this petition, and we can act to make a stand to save the tigers. Another problem tigers face is territory. Tigers used to live as far north as Siberia, as far south as the Indonesian island of Bali, as far west as Turkey, and as far east as the Russian and Chinese coasts. From icy cold mountains and forests to steamy, tropical jungles, the tiger species has adapted to a variety of terrain. Tigers have lost 94% of their historic land since the 1900s and that is due to human development and habitat deterioration cause by rising water levels and coastline erosion. Many people are trying to help save the tigers like the 200 pupils at Cathedral School in Redcross Way who will dress up in tiger costumes as part of a month-long project to raise funds and awareness for tiger conservation projects. Another example of some people trying to help tigers are some artists, including Anjolie Ela Menon, have joined together to raise awareness on the need for conservation of the tiger in India. As part of the project they will create a play to tell the story of the endangered big cat. Also in India there are many campaigns working to save the tigers. For example a group helped design and make a tiger reserve called The Hukawng Valley Wildlife Sanctuary where main core protected habitats would be connected by corridors that the tigers could travel through safely. Tigers are close to extinction but if we can help them, they will make a comeback and roam the world again. If you aren't convinced that we need to save the tigers then read this true story below and put yourself in the cubs paws.

          "Deep in the heart of Russia in late 1991, A large female Siberian tiger lay waiting in the wilderness beneath the dim silvery glare of a full moon rising up behind the clouds. The tiger was waiting for the opportunity to make a kill to feed her four growing cubs nearby in the brush.

            Her ground color of reddish-ochre accented by her unique series of grayish-black stripes splashed within her creamy-white coat which kept her hidden well from her potential prey. Her powerful, muscular body, with curved baseball mitt-sized paws would help her in her fight for food. Her eyes pierced the darkness, her ears twitched with each sound she heard, and her tail extended to increase her senses. She was alert; she was ready for an antelope or a deer if it came her way.

            The tiger did not know that she was being hunted, she was the prey. There was a poacher in the midst of her wilderness and before she would have a chance to feed or raise her young, her last cry could be heard throughout the forest. As the sun returned from beyond the horizon, the cubs ventured out to find their mother, only to discover her remnants scattered across the ground where she had once been.

            Gently, the cubs tugged at their mother trying to make her respond to their touch. She lay lifeless. The tiger cubs were now orphaned, lost and alone, all because of the demand for their mother's body parts for Chinese Traditional Medicine in a far off land."

            Now tell me that we have to save the tigers and make sure no tiger or cub has to suffer again. If you want to find more information on tigers go to


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