Tickld Take Down Your Pygmy Marmoset Video

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Tickled, take your pygmy marmoset as a "pet" video down, immediately. Internationally, primates and other wildlife are used as "pets" and social media content and it is destroying populations and putting these creatures in terrible danger. The Tickld video has millions of views - it is completely outrageous and irresponsible for a platform with that audience to promote the keeping of a primate as a pet for so many reasons.

  • The cruel business of illegal pet trades removes these animals from their mothers at an early age (often by killing them), endangers these populations by stealing many of them from the wild, harms their habitats, and the other wildlife who live there.
  • It puts humans at risk of disease transmission and physical harm from these animals that were never meant to be kept as "pets," and often leaves the pets in terrible condition or abandoned as their "owners" are completely under-equipped to care for them.
  • When platforms like Tickld share this video, literally encouraging people to keep them as pets, they're perpetuating the demand and it cannot continue. Getting likes and shares cannot come at the cost of these animals, and this is only one example of I'm sure thousands of videos of this kind being used for cheap engagement with no understanding of the pain and devastation it is contributing to.

Please sign this to tell Tickld to take down this video and to stand as an example for other platforms to NEVER promote keeping these animals or other wildlife as pets. 

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