Ticketmaster - Sell Tickets to Fans, NOT Scalpers!

Ticketmaster - Sell Tickets to Fans, NOT Scalpers!

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Ticketmaster needs to do more to prevent scalpers from getting tickets ahead of fans.

I have been attending concerts since I was twelve years old, and as you know, having a ticket is essential to getting into the concert. This is where Ticketmaster comes in. Every time I have used this site to buy tickets, there have been problems. I will try to buy tickets the second they go on sale, only to find out they're sold out. If fans had bought them, that would be fine - instead, the tickets are sold to scalpers, who triple the price at the very least. 

Most recently, this has happened when trying to get tickets for a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. Ticketmaster hosted a "fan presale" in which tickets didn't actually go to fans in most cases - they went to scalpers. By the time the general public could buy them, a message popped up saying the tickets were sold out. Upon checking other sites, you could find the $30 tickets on sale for up to $800.

Fans didn't get these tickets. Scalpers did. Not only were the fans screwed out of tickets, but the band won't have a crowd of supporters (If they have a crowd at all). 

So, ticketmaster, all I'm asking is to actually try to keep scalpers away and forbid the tickets to be resold at insane prices. Let fans get their tickets and the opportunity to see their favorite band live.