Put an end to Ticketmaster's resale scam

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As most people know, scalpers will buy concert tickets and resell them through third-party sites, to make money off of fans that couldn't get tickets in the first place. While sometimes, when looking for tickets that were sold out, these sites can be helpful, Ticketmaster is directly scamming fans out of getting tickets entirely.

Recently, shows that have gone on sale at 10:00:00am have shown that no tickets were available at 10:00:01, but have immediately shown tickets available through Ticketmaster's "resale" option. The option states that this is for "fans who can't use their tickets," although I don't believe a "fan" would buy tickets, then 30 seconds later, realize that they can't use them.

When Ticketmaster sells tickets, they reap the benefit with 10's-100's of dollars worth of fees (also a rip off), per ticket. When "fans" "resell" through Ticketmaster, Ticketmaster makes money off of this "resale" as well, at a much higher price - scammers sell $50 tickets for $600-$800, as I have seen recently. Through resale, Ticketmaster makes money off charging people fees twice, through ONE sale of tickets. This also prevents real fans from getting tickets - they all immediately go to scalpers. I want to prevent scalpers from getting tickets, and get the tickets back in fans' hands - and not at such a high cost. The only parties that benefit from Ticketmaster's "resale" are scalpers and Ticketmaster. Please end this, Ticketmaster.