Refunds by Ticketmaster Canada and US

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Ticketmaster and venues selling event tickets trough Ticketmaster are holding funds with no postponement dates in sight. The news is riddled with stories of people facing starvation, others need lay loved ones to rest and for others, the postponement dates are not feasible for many variable reasons.

The economic shut down has caused job losses and forced people to move across the country rendering tickets to venues impossible to use as they are now provinces and states away.  Going to events usually means travel using hotels and restaurants adding to the cost.  Even after securing new employment, people will be in debt and will be needing all they can save for food and bill payments.  Ticketmaster and its venues selling their tickets have accepted funds with the promise of an event. These event can't be fulfilled on a specified agreed upon date at the time of purchase. Changing the terms of the purchase after the fact is not acceptable to many and displays a true lack of human compassion by Ticketmaster, Its supporting venues and the agencies behind the bands, teams, talent and attractions.

To these bands, teams, talents and attractions, that don't advocate for refunding your fans, you are no better and don't deserve your fan base. The backlash against bands, teams, talent and attractions standing behind Ticketmaster and its ticketed venues is becoming more apparent and given a refund, I may repurchase a ticket to see you in the future. With no refund, you can count that clients like me wont be back in fear of being burned twice, let alone the principle of supporting Ticketmaster, Its ticketed venues, bands, teams, talent and attractions that support taking money from people during a world crisis.  Do the right thing Ticketmaster and Its Venues, Issue refunds without prejudice. People earned their money hard and honestly, Why cant you.  People right now need their money back, not postponement promises, Yes, to some its a matter of life and death.