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I've just signed the following petition addressed to: Tibetan Youth Congress.


For the Attention of World Leaders and Citizens of Conscience and Influence

In February 2009, a young Tibetan monk set fire to himself and was swiftly shot by Beijing's Peoples' Armed Police and taken away. The toll of self-immolators has today reached 51. These unprecedented actions are outcries against China's occupation of Tibet, and the increasingly unjust repressions imposed to intimidate and control the population.

To hide the situation from the eyes of the world, access to Tibet is banned for foreign media and curtailed for non-Chinese tourists. As Reporters Without Borders stated in their February 23, 2012 Press Release: "Out of sight of the world, a major crisis is unfolding. Even Pyongyang has an international media presence, which is not the case in Lhasa."

On behalf of six million Tibetans surviving under occupation, we call upon World Leaders, Governments and the International Community enjoying freedom of speech and assembly, to take bold and decisive actions to blame and shame the Beijing regime for these human conflagrations in Tibet.

We urge you to take action by demanding that China allow unfettered access to Tibet. Burned bodies - both dead and alive - are filmed being snatched from Tibetan bystanders and removed to disappear the evidence. The citizen journalists who risk arrest and torture to convey such footage to the outside world are in danger of paying with their own lives.

On 3 September the Tibetan Youth Congress TYC launched an indefinite hunger strike, which calls upon both the International Community and the People’s Republic of China to take action and initiate the following demands and appeal.

1. International Community- The European Union, The United Nations, governments and non-governmental organizations having supported the demands of the two hunger strikes earlier organized by TYC, thank them, and ask them to immediately fulfill the promises made by them through a multilateral approach.

2. The Government of China- Tibet continues to reel under the exploitative policies through which China imposes its occupation of Tibet. Any dissent is brutally crushed utilizing the most sophisticated mechanisms of control. To learn about the true conditions within Tibet- and to understand the aspiration of Tibetans inside Tibet-governments, International organizations and the media should be granted immediate access to travel in Tibet.

3. Release Tibetan prisoners of conscience including The Panchen Lama, Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, and Tulku Tenzin Delek, and stop the witch hunts in Tibet that have been targeting public intellectuals, religious leaders, poets, musicians and singers and artists.

History condemns those who walked silently away from holocausts and genocides. Inaction leads to the label "criminal" and "cowardly". The tragedy of Tibet is playing out before a largely mute world audience. To believe that the People's Republic of China cannot be brought to book for its inhuman policies in Tibet is to silently slide onto the wrong side of history.

Stand with the Tibetan people in their non-violent struggle for justice, freedom and dignity, and as World Leaders and Influential Citizens the satisfaction of facing tyranny by doing the Right Thing will be yours.

Today is the Day for Action. Tibet can't wait. Support the hunger strikers and get your government and politicians to act immediately on the demands and appeals made by the hunger strikers.