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Carefully Investigate the Oak Tree Preserve Proposed Development Plat Project #2009103087

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A new housing development of 1,037 homes is proposed that will have many environmental and safety impacts.  It would essentially remove the wooded areas around Evergreen Heights, Evergreen Estates, and McAlister Park neighborhoods.  These forests contain Oregon white oak trees which are a native tree species that have rapidly disappeared from our area and they provide important wildlife habitat. These forests are protected under the Thurston County Critical Areas Ordinance (Chapter 24.25) and we are requesting a thorough examination of this ecosystem before development as suggested by a biologist from the WA Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The new housing development will potentially add 2,000 cars and 10,000 vehicle trips per day to our busy roads.The most recent publicly available Thurston County traffic survey was published in 2011, however, 27th Ave SE was last measured in 2002. Therefore, this information is not current and needs to be reevaluated before development can proceed.

Further, local schools could be greatly impacted by the housing developments in this area. According to the North Thurston Public Schools, in a letter to the county dated July 30, 2014, the proposed development will generate 790 new students.  Can the local school district handle this addition on top of other new housing developments and the larger K-12 funding issues in the State? The McCleary decision of the Washington Supreme Court (2010) said the State must do more to improve and fund K-12 education and the recent voter Initiative 1351 require a reduction in class sizes in WA schools. Both of these will require a large amount of financial and physical resources.

Before approving this development (Oak Tree Preserve, LLC - Plat Project 2009103087), we ask that Thurston County thoroughly investigate the environmental and social impacts listed above. (Feedback is due April 3 before noon).

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