Thunderdome will never die!

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Thunderdome is a name synonym with Hardcore for 20 years. Without Thunderdome, Hardcore would never be as big as it was and is today, and would have never reached so far audiences around the world. Thunderdome stood the test of time over and over again, even in the darkest moments of the Hardcore scene. It included in its endless compilations most genres of Hardcore, through 20 years of music.

That's not an understatement. More than 3 500 000 CDs sold, tons (literally) of merchandise, radio shows, on tour events in more than 10 countries... It's THE name, THE legendary event known worldwide....
People have grown up with Thunderdome, lived with Thunderdome and enjoyed Thunderdome to the fullest. The new generation of Hardcore heads still craves for the Wizard in all its forms.

The Wizard is the most known Hardcore symbol ever made and one of the most powerful symbols a company could have. It's not longer the ID&T logo, it's the logo for an entire music and culture movement involving several generations of people.

Killing Thunderdome is bad. But handing it over to some other company who will mass-produce and exploit the concept would be even worse.

We want Thunderdome to continue under ID&T, even if just one gathering a year. We want the wizard alive. We want the legacy to carry on.

Thunderdome is the past, the present... and we want it to be the future.

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