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Very recently, a video was released of a little kid screaming after getting maced by an officer named Jared Campbell. He is part of the Seattle Police Department and has a badge number of 8470. We must not stand for this. How inhumane is it to mace an innocent child who has the right to speak up? Do you think that children, the future adults of the world, will build a positive relationship with the police if this keeps happening? The fact that he believed a child was so threatening that he needed to use pepper spray is beyond me. When asked for his badge number, since it was covered in black tape, Jared refused to give it out. No one with good intentions would hide their identification.

If we let this go, it will continue to happen over and over again. This is disgusting. Get him fired! TAKE ACTION! It’s not the time to stay silent. 

If you would like to help more, please contact 206-684-2489. It’s the Seattle Police Department’s number.