Motivate Dr. Don Huber to release his GMO and glyphosate-enriched pathogen to the scientific community so it may be sequenced and studied before it harms others

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Motivate Dr. Don Huber to release his GMO and glyphosate-enriched pathogen to the scientific community so it may be sequenced and studied before it harms others

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Emeritus Professor Dr. Don Huber indicates that he has discovered a new organism, something he identifies as a life form between a virus and a fungus, perhaps a "micro-fungus".  He finds this in GMO crops, especially those treated with glyphosate (Monsanto's Roundup).  He describes that the organism causes severe problems in plant health, cattle disease and numerous disorders in humans.  Please see his You Tube videos.  He travels the USA discussing how this organism is killing plants and livestock, and leading to a host of diseases in humans. 

He has cultured the organism since 2005 (see video attached at 30 min).  After eight years of no publication, he will not release the materials for further study.  We ask that you sign on in an effort to compell him to release this material to a broader scientific community.

With today's molecular, metabolomic and analytical tools we can identify it, characterize it. We can sequence the genome of this new pathogen and release it to the public in a few weeks using "next generation" sequencing.  We ask that Dr. Huber please release this infectious agent to the broader scientific community for public, independent study. 

-- He cites this organism as the basis of a health crisis

-- He claims that the organism affects plant performance and yield

-- He claims that the organism causes disease in humans and cattle

-- He claims an international team, but has published nothing on this new life form.

As a concerned scientific community we kindly request that this novel pathogen be released to public researchers to that they may pursue characterization and verification of its link to disease that spans plant and animal kingdoms. 

DNA sequencing, funded by independent reseachers at a public university, will rapidly identify the organism and provide a means to identify it, combat its spread, and undestand its pathology. So far he has been unwilling to share the cultures.


If we, as independent scientists are allowed access to the materials, we will:

1.  Construct genomic DNA libraries for Illumina sequencing

2.  Provide massive coverage of the new pathogen's genome

3.  Immediately release all raw sequence data, libraries, DNA resources, etc to anyone requesting them-- all transparent

4.  Publish the new pathogen in Science or Nature, or other high-impact venue. Dr Huber will be given first or last-author option and will be given all credit for his discovery.  


If the sequence of his new pathogen is identified:

1.  It will end the use of glyphosate and GMO crops

2.  It will open new investigation into an organism thusfar not know to man; a "micro-fungus" that straddles the interface between virus and plant (see Huber's work on websites). 

3.  It will expand our understanding of life on earth

4.  It will allow us to understand the pathological basis for autism, ADHD, increased allergies, birth defects and many other diseases Dr. Huber has linked to the use of glyphosate and GMO crops, via this organism. 

The benefits to mankind are too great to keep this mystery pathogen contained in a single laboratory.  It is imperative that Dr. Huber release this culture, plus instructions on how to grow it and maintain it, to the broad scientific community.  He claims it brings great profits for agricultural companies in exchange for human suffering.  In eight years there has been no published progress. It is an ethical question. It is imperitive that this culture be shared with scientists worldwide to study it.  

The video below is Dr Huber explaining the danger of the pathogen.   At 30 min he introduces this pathogen, its dangers and health implications. 

I hope you will sign this petition.  We need to bring this new pathogen to the highest level of scrutiny as fast as possible. 




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This petition had 667 supporters

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