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Stop the Back 40 Mine. Save the Menominee River

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The Back 40 open pit sulfide mine will negatively affect the Menominee River, and all water sources down stream. Are Gold and Silver worth the billions we would spend attempting to rectify their pollutants?  When sulfides and cyanides kill off our wildlife and wetlands? This would include the Shaky Lakes, Lake Michigan and any other wetlands along the Menomonie River itself. (There are literally dozens)  Aquila states that the mine would be 50 yards away.   WHAT IS 50 YARDS?  HALF, yes half the length of a football field.  WISCONSIN, we need to speak out and speak out now!  Please read the following information concerning Sulfide mining, sign the petition and circulate it.  WE, the people, need to be the voice of the river and save our children from facing the effects of this toxic mine  in their future. #noback40

Wisconsin is already facing water infrastructure problems as described by  the following article from  Are you willing to worsen the problem by adding Acid Mine Drainage to our waterways?  Read the following article concerning Wisconsin's already problematic water infrastructure. 

Study: Wisconsin will face water infrastructure problem

 April 17, 2017 Source

 MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- A new report from the American Society of Civil Engineers says Wisconsin will have $7 billion in drinking water and wastewater infrastructure needs in the next 20 years.
   Wisconsin Public Radio ( ) reports the state is already facing water problems, such as the pollution of nearly one-third of private wells in Kewaunee County and the possible contamination of nearly 2,000 La Crosse County wells.
   Bill Davis, the head of the Wisconsin Sierra Club-John Muir Chapter, says things like allowing more concentrated animal feeding operations and high-capacity well regulations jeopardize groundwater quality.
   La Crosse County Health Department Director Jen Rombalski says protecting groundwater quality needs to become part of statewide planning because it's cheaper to maintain clean groundwater than it is to treat contaminated areas. He encourages residents to get their wells tested for contamination.

Acid Mine Drainage has devastated water bodies in many states where this type of mining has occurred. It kills fish, wildlife and plants, leaving lakes, rivers and streams devoid of most living creatures. (source:

The following are affects of acid mine drainage on various species, including humans

Mining by-products such as arsenic, manganese and thallium, have been shown in high levels to increase the risk of cancer and other illnesses in humans. Because mining takes place below the water table, it’s easy for contamination to leach out of the mine into groundwater, threatening drinking water supplies and health. 

Common tailings basin pollutants include mercury, copper, lead, arsenic, cadmium, selenium, zinc and nickel. “Water-borne pollutants (e.g., heavy metals) resulting from acid mine drainage can pollute communities well downstream of the mine” (source PDF).

This can occur from accidental spills or intentional releases. The draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the PolyMet mine project predicts that the West Pit will fill with water and overflow into the Partridge River about 45 years after the mine’s closure. The draft EIS noted that this discharge was predicted to exceed water quality standards for antimony for 550 to 2,000 years. Other contaminants that were cited as possibly exceeding water quality standards were nickel, sulfate, cobalt, copper and mercury (DEIS, pgs. 4.1-45, 4.1-64, 4.1-113, 4.1-123). (


Fish that come into contact with Acid Mine Drainage can die from the toxic chemicals and acidic water, and the pollution can also destroy their food sources and habitat

Unlike with most iron mining, sulfide mining pit-lakes can be highly contaminated water bodies, with acid and metal leaching occurring along the pit walls. Unsuspecting migratory waterfowl and other wildlife may use the pit-lakes as resting places or water sources, and become poisoned.

 Wetlands are destroyed by being excavated for mining, and also when mining pulls water from an area, drying them up. Additionally, a loophole in the Clean Water Act allows mining companies to dump waste into wetlands. (source:

Contact Tom Tiffany directly as well please! 

Telephone: 608-266-2509


SIGN AND SHARE! OUR WATERWAYS DEPEND ON US RIGHT NOW! Also, a direct appeal in the email area is said to have more effect.   Please tell Tom Tiffany why we need to stop this mine in your own words.


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