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( for outside U.S.) The CDC Must Acknowledge Morgellons Disease and Initiate Ongoing Research

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[Supporters of this movement, and herein, will be known as the Coalition]

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has alleged that Morgellons Disease is likely due to a psychiatric disorder, despite scientific evidence to the contrary. We are officially demanding the director and lead staff of scientists to acknowledge Morgellons as a real biological hazard. Furthermore, all information related to this condition must be disclosed to the public through an ongoing informational medium we will establish on a later date. If the director does not comply to acknowledging Morgellons Disease as a physical, and very real threat, and to dedicate a team to its ongoing research, the director and lead staff is then asked to resign from their positions, thus allowing a better qualified team to be assigned this duty.

If director complies, the CDC team dedicated to this research must work with the coalition's top research team. This research team will be considered those researchers in line with Dr. Randy Wymore's work at Oklahoma State University who has given the infection true scientific evaluation.  We ask that any researcher who has proven credentials and competency in the subject be considered. 

HOW THIS WILL HELP This petition will show Congress that we have come to face a biological agent that poses a significant, and global threat, which is one we are not yet able to handle. This is why we are requesting an initial acknowledgment of this disease to set the foundation for present, and future research. By signing this petition, you will help the human population survive what millions believe to be a lurking pandemic. You will also be furthering support of scientific research, and advancing health security protocol, which will impact the health of millions, on a global scale.



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