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Almost Home Animal Rescue, along with Kylie Edmond of Rock & Rawhide went on their usual ride to help the dogs of Wyandanch of Suffolk County with their Training Wheel programs Saturday November 19th. Everything was going as usual until they came to the residence of Veleda Bailey, on her property was the worst sight of cruelty they have ever seen.

Genesis, a black dog was found emaciated to the core. You can count every rib in his body, see every bone of his spine, and his pelvis was as clear as day. He had such trouble getting to his feet, only being able to take 3 steps before collapsing to the ground of fatigue. He was curling up in a tight ball trying to keep his skeleton warm. He has been in the hospital trying to recover from his traumatic ordeal after being rescued.

Dove, a mother was found with her THREE puppies Falcon, Raven, and Sparrow living outside as well. She was clearly underweight and her puppies were thin as well. All sweet as can be according to the Rescue.

Then there was the heartbreaking scene of a dog called Solider. They could not tell you how sweet he was because he was already dead. His body emaciated to death, his eyes had maggots crawling in them, and the worst part of all. He was STILL CHAINED TO THE TREE. His body was laying there, no remorse form the owner, and absolutely no love or care given to his carcass.

Who is responsible for all this? Veleda Bailey, who according to Almost Home Animal Rescue and Kylie Edmond was flipping hamburgers through out the whole ordeal without a care in the world for them. She let her children play around the dead dog and they laughed about the maggots in the dog's eyes.


In addition, we ask that Suffolk County reviews the current anti-tethering laws, which are currently not adequate or enforceable. Hundreds of dogs are chained 24/7 in Suffolk County today, through all weather. This needs to change.

If you could all please send a letter to the DA of suffolk County click here for a sample letter included in the original full story about Soldier and his family.

Email the DA as well with this email:


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