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Petitioning Animal Cruelty & Abuse Chicago Animal Control & Rescue

This puppy was murdered because its adopter was out of control. He hid the body in the trunk of his car.

MURDER is NOT "Aggravated Animal Cruelty"- it's MURDER!

>> Most Severe Punishment of Derek Fierro for abuse resulting in death of a rescue puppy is sought.

Derek Fierro punched is 1 yr old puppy to death. He got the puppy from a rescue shelter; the puppy had already been removed from an abusive home. I say that the punishment should fit the crime, so let's see how close we can get!  Animals or children- they're the same when it comes to relying on others to care for them.  Sign the petition, please.  Thanks.

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  • Animal Cruelty & Abuse
    Chicago Animal Control & Rescue

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