Help Anita quash a false case against her for reporting the misdeeds of a misbehaving cop.

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I have heard horror stories about cops misusing their power -- stories that send a chill down my spine. But little did I know that one day I'd be living one of those nightmares!

On February 4, 2018, my way back home, I saw a cop encouraging ticketless travelling in the First Class. Being a journalist, I tried to record the cop's misdeeds. However, what happened next was beyond horrifying. The cop manhandled me, dragged me to the RPF police station at Borivali, I was harassed by her seniors and then a false case was filed against me. To harass me, the cops didn't file an FIR or NC, they directly filed a chargesheet against me. Which meant that had I not been present in court, a non-bailable warrant could have been issued against me.

I have decided to fight for justice and need your help in quashing the false case. I must add here that during the course of my fight, the cop has been repatriated and two officers have been suspended, but I still haven't got justice. 

This petition is for all law-abiding citizens, who have faced injustice in the hands of the cops. It is a reminder of the long history of harassment and intimidation by police officers, who have created a sense of mistrust in the society.

It's unacceptable for the police force to take the law in their hands; to act as the jury and file a case against someone innocent without even listening to their story, just because they want to defend someone from their department. Cops need to face consequences too, especially if they are wrong and have misused the law. Their task is to protect and serve the citizens and not harass people.     

Let’s be real. Every one of us knows someone in our families, neighbourhoods or friends’ circle who has witnessed bullies in uniform. It doesn’t matter if you are a law abiding citizen, when these bullies in uniform decide to harass you, they’ll pull all stops to make sure that you bow down to them.

I pray that one day justice will be served soon and my fight can make a difference to society. Please do support!