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I have a story to tell you about our very own superhero, Kasabian Newton-Smith & his extraordinary family. I actually know this family and of course Kasabian personally and can easily class them as friends.

I met Kay (Kas's Mum) 12yrs ago, when by chance she walked into my hair salon, instantly I saw that she was a friendly, happy, honest, & genuine person and we clicked straight away. I also classed her as a friend straight away! Kasabian wasn't born then but not long after he made a appearance. Even though Kay and I don't txt or speak everyday, nothing changes when we do actually get time! Kay is such a beautiful person, so kind hearted and never judges, she's always there for others, and always sees the best in people.

When Kasabian was first diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma when he was 2 years old, he was only given two weeks to live then! So, To save their child the Newton-Smith family and friends rallied round, to raise funds to pay for his treatment in America. I was asked if I would help out and it was a honour to do the first ever head shave on Kay herself in 2009. Kasabian has relentlessly battled his cancers for 7 years, had more chemotherapy sessions & radiotherapy sessions that a grown adult can cope with, and In total Kas had more than 900 procedures in the 7yrs of his battle. He lost his hair three times through the treatment & he's been in remission twice,  Even through all of that Kasabian was just like his mum - So very Kind Hearted, Selfless and Very resilient! He set himself goals by raising money for other charities, and once he'd sets himself a target, you can bet you're life that he'll smash it! 

In 2015 sadly more cancers had invaded his body - simply just way too many,  and he had received all the treatment that was/had been available, which ment that treatment options were nil.He was then heartbreakingly deemed as terminal - Devastating!

But the fearless youngster decided to kick start the fundraising campaign for PACT charity and did himself a 5k walk in Hillsborough Park June 2015, raising a staggering amount! I was proudly at Kasabian's walk in Hillsborough Park last year, I also arranged a suprise "minion" & "Buzz Lightyear" to walk alongside! And I was really privileged but very saddened to help at the most recent fundraiser at the Wadsley bridge club shaving more heads Nov 2016 .(Actually raising funds for Kasabians funeral) 

Even though I only class myself as the local hairdresser I used to make regular out of hours trips to Kays to cut Kas's hair, as he knew that I wouldn't hurt him due to his scar on his head, which was a Complete Honour!

I love the Newton-Smith family so much, I've been so fortunate and lucky enough to meet and know such a amazing phenomenon of a young man and family! But Unfortunately witnessed his life in full circle.

I will never ever meet anyone like Kasabian in my lifetime again!
Simply because - There is only ONE of Kas!

Sadly Kasabian Newton-Smith passed away peacefully on Saturday 10th December 2016. It was his 9th Birthday on Thursday 15th December - his first Angel Birthday.

A entire community are mourning the passing of a very brave & amazing little boy.

End the bigotry and educate. We don't need to find a cure for cancer, we need to legalise it.

#KASABIANSLAW #WARRIOR #LEGEND #1lastsmile4kasabian 


What if I told you there were MULTIPLE CURES for CANCER  but are suppressed because cancer is worth over £200 BILLION a year ... we don't need to find a cure for cancer, we need to legalise it! Cannabis HAS BEEN PROVEN to have many more benifits to 'OUR' HEALTH, INDUSTRY AND ECONOMY!

"KEEP SMILING YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOUR INSPIRING" - Kasabian Newton-Smith / Warrior & Legend 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!