Third Parties + stopping world sex trade

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Please, I Want to Hear What the Third Parties Have to Say about stopping the world's sex trade, now; don't you?  Despite all the media discussion about the differences between the candidates in the presidential and vice presidential debates, millions of voters are not seeing their own opinions represented on major issues like the bailout, the occupation of Iraq, and health care.  Like many other  Americans, I oppose the $700 billion taxpayer bailout for financial institutions, I want our troops returned home safe and sound now, and I support the single-payer national health plan.  Green presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney expresses my opinions on these and other issues.  Barack Obama and John McCain do not.  Any candidate who is on enough ballots to be elected president should have a place in the debates.  The only valid measurement of public support for candidates is the election. Opinion polls are subjective, vulnerable to bias, constantly fluctuating, and often exclude certain candidates from the questions asked. Polls are not democratic and should not be used to determine who gets to participate in debates.  The exclusion of all candidates except for Democrats and Republicans from the debates is an affront to democracy and to the right of voters to be informed about all the choices they'll see on the ballot.  We have the right to vote for whichever candidate best reflects our own interests and ideals.  The two major parties agree on so many issues that there is little to debate.  Debate selection criteria is exclusionary because it requires 15% support in national polls.  Third Party Candidates should be included in the debates.  Replace the anti-democratic Commission on Presidential Debates.  We will boycott any of your advertisers that currently sponsor the Commission on Presidential Debates.

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