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Ni hao. Great work everyone, thanx for all you do; I hope your New Year was great, and may it be new all the way through :)

An unnecessarily long critique of a blog by Deepak Chopra: “Uniting spiritual and material values", is the basis for this conversation on how to uplift life, please participate and share it too; the first part is listed below, and the follow-up conversations will be at the url listed below   :)

Deepak Chopra: “...I have never accepted that money was the root of all evil.”

That's good you haven't because it's not. Evil is a religious delineation describing the actions of purportedly mythical beings, like a devil, etc., which doesn't exist. Yet, the term has relevance in this world anyhow, because what man does is so despicable, words like evil are the only ones severe enough in their criticalness to attempt to do justice in the description; of course, those that do the 'evil' could also be more aptly called abominations, instead of men. This while man could be considered the root of all 'evil', and, being that man invented money, this would be a more appropriate first conclusion, linear, superficial thought one could jump to; if one were the jumpy kind. Although, since only specific men are the root of all 'evil', historically speaking, the generic nature of that comment, while sounding pithy, would render it inaccurate, at best. Being that money was an artifice, of mecha, manufactured to enable some to rob others, the ones manufacturing the money always having an upper hand in all and any thieving processes, its origins are 'evil' in intent; even though, they don't have to be in its actual, and even practical 'use'. The fact that its origins are also based in interlocking and laced systems of scarcity has had a lot to due with the historical inequities the astronomically increased 'usage' of it, and all its derivatives, has wrought on society, at large and small; as it has aided in the fabrication and dissemination of the main delusional construct, materialism- which has determined the chasm between supposed haves and have nots, as well as its widening over time. This, while your qualifying your non-acceptance of that cliche with "never", is more indicative of your actual intent, and not the fallaciousness of the cliche's intent; which is to put the responsibility for moneys 'usages' results, and corresponding blame, on an 'other' than man, an object- just as 'using' the word 'evil' attempts to put its origins in the hands of a 'devil', etc., instead of man (a typical displacing and projective device of religious babble, in general, as well).



This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion, “Uniting spiritual and material...", to make dualities mud?: 




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Thanx, let's start the New Year with excellent relating.  Ciao, for now.


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