is a Total Scam & Worthless

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200! is a Total waste of Time & Money cause they're not reliable as they request you to Verify your Identity once you send the Document to Verify your Identity they Close Down your Account for no Reason & after that, they say that you've Violate their Terms & Condition, They should have to describe what exactly happened in their case.

They also Shutdown my Account having $1200 USD & no response yet from their side!

They do also charge a lot of Fees in the name of Project Fees.

What we faced a lot of time that Once user Sign up to work on Platform they get a lot of Projects to bid on them, a lot of People's are using Bot's out there & once we get awarded a project then Employer ask to start working on their project & we asked to Create Milestone & they did that so we continue working on their project & once we did complete the project they release the milestone & leave a feedback & project completed so now here comes the Twist: Once the Project get completed after working on that, The funds which come from that Project they Disappeared from the account & We contacted the Customer Support & let them know the whole scenario then they answer that "You should contact the Employer to clear there Funding Source issue" Why should I contact the Employer who hired me & how can I do that? Then they said you can contact to their Email Address (Why should I do that? Even that is the Violation of your Terms & Condition by your own Customer Support Representative).

There are a lot of issues facing by the Users of so We all continue to resolve the issues otherwise this website must shutdown.!

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