Visas for ADF interpreters and families - their lives are at huge risk

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They served the Australian Defence Force - don’t let interpreters and their families, siblings and parents die. Aussie soldiers relied on us - urgent visas are needed for ADF interpreters and their families left in danger, siblings and parents.

My name is Raz Mohammad and I am the leader of Former ADF interpreters in Australia. I have risked my life and my family members lives for 10 years to serve the Australian Defence Force and USA forces as an interpreter and culture advisor in Afghanistan.

But I’m terrified for the former ADF interpreters and their families members still trapped in Afghanistan who could be killed  because of our affiliation with ADF – unless the government gives them Humanitarian visas to bring them to safety in Australia directory from Afghanistan. Aussie soldiers came back to Australia but interpreters and their families like siblings and parents are still left in danger in Afghanistan and struggling to live. They are experiencing discrimination and threats from both locals and insurgents like Taliban and ISS.

“Guardian angels” is what Australian soldiers like Major Simon Quaglia called us. Some of us were shot, murdered, tortured for helping Australian soldiers and it happened to our families members like siblings and parents as well. But we didn’t give up on the ADF. They trusted and depended on us, so I never expected the Australian government to leave hundreds stranded in danger.

I’ve personally met with South Australian Senators Nick Xenophon, Sarah Hanson-Young and Alex Gallacher who’ve all told me they support bringing these neglected former ADF heroes and their siblings and parents to Australia. But the Immigration Minister won’t listen or accept his government’s responsibility to intervene.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Australian people, this is my last hope. Please help me save the lives of former ADF interpreters like me and their families by granting them emergency humanitarian visas. Thank you for reading. If you have any question, please contact me here.