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Address the issues surrounding the misleading way Thermomix AU have handled their customers and provide a fair and satisfactory resolution.

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There is currently a social media backlash associated with the release of the new Thermomix TM5 on Saturday. After months of speculation and a lot of secrecy from the company Thermomix AU has released a new and more technologically capable Thermomix.


Customers and consultants were kept in the dark. Many like myself, asked the question before purchasing, if there was a new Thermomix on the way. My consultant told me that she hadn't heard anything about it. I went ahead and ordered a Thermomix 31 for $1939 and received it just 18 days ago.


I have now discovered that the Thermomix I bought is now the older model and Thermomix AU have superseded it with a newer model that is only $50 more expensive. To rub salt in the wound, it would appear that Thermomix AU are offering potential new customers the option of buying the TM31 for $1689 or the newer TM5 for $1989. That is $250 less than I paid just 3 weeks ago for a Thermomix that is now outdated. There are thousands of people in a similar situation to me and the Thermomix FB page has blown up with unhappy customers.


Thermomix AU have mislead customers by saying they didn't know about the new model and couldn't disclose this information to customers but as of Saturday when the new model was launched, they had updated their website and were holding training sessions around Australia for their sales teams, using the new TM5. To say they didn't know is an out and out lie.



Why the secrecy? So that Vorwerk (the manufacturing company) could sell off as many TM31's as possible? Customers were not given the opportunity to buy the TM31 at a discounted price because a newer model was being released. We all still paid full price. How was this company allowed to hide this information from its customers and then use the excuse that "We didn't know"? I find it extraordinary that they think they can get away with this. Where were my consumer rights? I asked for information relevant to making this purchase and was not given an honest answer! Therefore I was not able to make an informed decision. To say I have been misled and lied to is an understatement!

Please support this petition to show companies like Thermomix AU that they can't treat customers like this and act in a way that is in direct violation of our consumer rights.

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