Stop DWP assessment companies discriminating against the sick,disabled and dying

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Dave Smith started this petition to Therese Coffey (Secretary Department for Work and Pensions)

24th September 2019

At last the government have approved the new petition. They control what can be said so it is much shorter than the old version but it's the outcome which is important

Now I REALLY need all of you to help in signing and distributing this petition across the UK so we can get as many supporters as possible. Ideally 100,000 for a parliamentary debate

When you consider how many deaths there have now been as a result of DWP policy and how many children are now going hungry finding 100,000 citizens who can relate to this outrage cannot be that difficult

When you have signed please make sure you encourage others to sign also , people are more likely to take action if they see why it's important to you

Thank you ALL for your support in trying to end this vile DWP assessment system. You have been amazing!

Just to be clear this is the petition to be signed Not the one on this site

23rd September 2019

The government have approved the new petition (albeit with some changes to the wording) I will publish a link here as soon as it is available. Thank you all for your amazing support whilst I have had to go through this hassle of changing from an independent petition platform to the official Parliament controlled one!

Edit 16th September 2019

Our dear, ever helpful, government have stopped accepting petitions and will now only accept those from its own site.

Conveniently for them you can't give as much detail on there.

However I am remaking the petition because I am not being forced into submission. BUT I will need your help.

I will post the link to the new petition shortly

Please, when I do so, could you please do the sick,disabled and dying of this country a favour and share the petition to death, but don't just share it. Please say something to persuade your friends/family to sign it.

Thank you all, you have been wonderful
Watch this space!

2nd Edit 16th Sept 2019

Well I would give you guys the link to the new petition.

But the lovely shambles of a government take up to a week to approve these and to check that they fit "their standards" whatever that may mean.

So please don't forget about this and keep that anger boiling up for when I do have a link.

How can you trust a government that has to assess a petition about its own conduct before it's launched?

Once launched I really would like this to hit 100,000 signatures because I want to create as much hassle as possible over this issue.

Hang in there everyone, we WILL do this !

For 6 painful years the Tory led government have watched 17,000+ citizens die whilst waiting for decisions on their benefit payments.

Many claimants have committed suicide because of the way they were treated by the DWP. Others becoming so depressed they accelerated their own deaths. (my brother James Oliver among them,but he is far from a unique case)

If you haven't seen Jamie's story please see my original viral Facebook post and share it if possible. There is also now a dedicated page for updates James Oliver RIP

Lies by the assessment companies have become the norm. Claimants forced to do tasks which hurt them. Any excuse whatsoever used to award zero points.

The whole system is now about government targets, not about the health of the individual.Even turning up for the assessment is used AGAINST you if held at an assessment centre you because you managed to get there ! So you lose if you don't turn up, you lose if you do turn up.

The assessments are undertaken by so called Health Professionals. This could be a nurse,paramedic,physiotherapist. It will be somebody far less qualified than your own specialists. Your existing health professionals (GP, consultants) diagnosis will count for nothing and this assessor will decide your future in a single meeting lasting an hour or less.

The government and these assessors are discriminating against the sick,disabled and dying more than any business or organization ever has.

These assessments are cruel, biased, discriminatory and bullying and must stop!

There is also a strong legal argument that in many cases the government may have breached not only the Disability Discrimination Act but also the Human Rights Act

Please sign and lets stop this madness because this government is creating more illness (and causing deaths) rather than helping the sick and vulnerable

What do we want to achieve?

1. Abolish ALL medical assessments undertaken by Independent Medical Services (formerly ATOS)/Capita

This will save £300+ million per annum. This is made up of £255+ million paid to the above companies for their shockingly bad service. £51+ million more is paid to Citizens Advice (England/Scotland) as "hush money". They can help clients with DWP problems but they must NOT speak out about the cruel government policy. In other words it's a bribe and gagging order

What should should replace them?


a) Nothing 

This will free up £300+ million to be spent on something far more useful. Such as reassessing some of the extremely disabled people who have lost their Motability vehicles, dignity and freedom. There could also be a reassessment of thousands of declined PIP applications where very sick individuals have clearly been penalized unfairly. It could help the thousands of families who have had the indignity of having to use food banks because their own government have cut benefits so much that young children are now starving.


b) Revert back to the fairer assessment system which was in place when Disability Living Allowance was in place.

This involved a more informal face to face assessment and took into account the respected medical professionals familiar with the claimants situation.


We simply cannot afford to have a government who will let 17000+ more people die in the coming 6 years whilst waiting for decisions. There must be no more suicides due to grossly inappropriate assessment decisions.

We cant have any more cases, like my brother's, where he was so abused by a system meant to help him that he sped up his own terminal death. On his deathbed saying "I am going to die and I'm still not sick enough to get PIP"

I can't bring my brother back, I can't bring any of the 17,000+ deceased back who were completely let down and abandoned by their own government. 
But, with your help, I can play a small part in stopping these tragedies occurring in the future.

Please, please, please sign this petition and let's show the government that sick people are not like insects to be trodden on. The sick, mentally ill and disabled are some of the most vulnerable in society. They must no longer be treated any differently than a healthy individual.

Let's give the sick, mentally ill and disabled their dignity and self worth back!

An ultimate target of 100,000 signatures is a lot but by signing, sharing and most importantly CARING we can achieve that

On behalf of my late brother, all who have died whilst being totally neglected by the Tory government and for all those currently suffering the shockingly abysmal service from the DWP I would like to say thank you  so much for signing.

Just to repeat one final time this is the petition to be signed
Not the one on this site




0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!