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Theresa May to resign & call election this autumn

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Left wing parties took over 52% of the vote at the general election, yet two right wing parties took more than half the seats - the Conservatives and the DUP.

The right wing have formed a coalition government with Theresa May as Prime Minister. May has clung to power by bribing the DUP to the tune of £1.5 billion. The DUP have agreed to vote for austerity in England, Scotland & Wales, and in return, the  Conservatives have ended austerity in N. Ireland. This agreement violates the principle of neutrality in Northern Ireland, jeopardising the peace process, and is not fair or democratic.

Why should May be allowed to use our money as a bribe, just so she can cling to power? Why should the rest of the UK fund N. Ireland's services, but not our own? Why should May be allowed to put innocent lives at risk by provoking the Republican movement?

The coalition should surely represent the majority, and given that Theresa May has failed so catastrophically in the general election, she should do the right thing and resign. The British people have rejected hard right politics. We have rejected austerity. We have rejected hard Brexit. We have rejected Theresa May.

We demand a second general election in the autumn of 2017 so we can choose a government that represents the will of the people.

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