Investigate David Cameron and stop victimising me for whistle blowing

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  • When I started whistle blowing as a teacher at Newham College in East London, I could not have imagined the injustice and corruption I was to face. Despite my efforts, the wrongdoing is still being covered up. I was let down by David Cameron and victimised by the employment tribunal for whistle blowing.
  • As the Government calls on teachers to report concerns, it is in the public interest that they tell you why I was victimised.
  • In July 2016, I raised a complaint that the Prime Minister, David Cameron had breached the ministerial code and brought the House into disrepute. The complaint related to my letters from 2011 to Mr Cameron about whistle blowing and wrongdoing at Newham College as well as injustice and misconduct involving the employment tribunal.
  • I had told David Cameron that data irregularities, the sexual harassment of students and other wrongdoing had been covered up by Newham College and the regulatory agencies. Also, that there was evidence of wider corruption including concerns about the employment tribunal being unfairly influenced when I brought claims against the College.
  • I can show the tribunal, contrary to their duty, falsified evidence in my case to wrongly accuse me of 'inventing' the student harassment amongst other matters. They apparently did this to cover up perjury and other wrongdoing by Newham College including that I had been injured and harassed for whistle blowing.
  • In response, David Cameron made a referral to the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills in 2011 to review Newham College but then he failed to act.
  • When the media highlighted the homophobic scandal and data irregularities at Newham College in 2013 including the use of ‘ghost students’, it was not reported that concerns had already been passed to BIS by David Cameron to review but that they had failed to address the data irregularities, wrongdoing and evidence of wider corruption including the misconduct of the employment tribunal. Consequently the public have still not been told the truth.
  • Also despite BIS apparently having evidence of contempt by Newham College and the covering up by the tribunal committed from 2010 to 2013, the Government and BIS failed to help me ensure that evidence of perjury and wrongdoing was given to the police.
  • Instead as the media were reporting concerns about Newham College in 2013, the regulatory agencies and Government were allowing me to be wrongly accused and victimised by the tribunal based on falsified evidence and for Newham College to continue to commit perjury with impunity.
  • These are not acceptable standards of conduct from those in Government, the tribunal or in public office.
  • Mr Cameron’s resignation does not end the Government’s duty to uphold the rule of law or to ensure a fair and impartial tribunal service either through the Lord Chancellor's role or by other means.
  • However, despite undermining the commitment the Government claims for whistle blowers, women, safeguarding and the rule of law, my case shows that there are no effective means of holding the Government or the tribunal to account or therefore of ending my victimisation by the State for whistle blowing.
  • To protect students, communities and whistle blowers, this must change.
  • The Government and Judiciary must address the failings in the political-juridical system and investigate the misconduct by the tribunal and wider corruption in this case. 
  • Only when the Government and tribunal tell the truth about my case will the victimisation stop so that accountability can begin. They will not do this without your help.
  • Please sign my petition to ask Theresa May to ensure these matters are fully investigated and that the truth is finally told.

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