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I am not a politician nor a human rights activist.

I'm just a scared mum.

Ranting on Facebook won't get our voices heard.

Im not a racist, I know the majority of Muslims are just as horrified as everyone else. 

Our country is being held at gun point by the minority of Muslims with an extreme view, living in our country expecting us to live by their extreme laws and innocent people are being savagely killed as a result.

The fear all those innocent victims must of felt in their dying moments haunts me. 

My 13 year old daughter is scared to go on holiday. When I take my children out for the day I can't relax because I'm constantly on the look out for security, emergency exits and crazy people with rucksacks or weapons! I find myself constantly planning an emergency get away, just in case. 

We are a nation living in fear!

The terror suspect watch list has around 3,000 suspects, most have a British passport. We need to take these people off of our streets the second they give MI5 reasonable cause for concern. The watch list is clearly not working. Research shows to fulfil 24 hour surveillance on just one person of interest would take around 20 people, that, on the basis of 3,000 terror suspects being watched, will take 60,000 members of staff. 

I propose we:

1. TPins (tags) have only been issued 7 times this year, Although an estimated 350 suspected fighters travelled back to the U.K. from ISIS, why haven't they all been issued a tag? I think ALL minor (if there is such a thing) Threats such as a suspects internet history, hate speech or travel history should be reasonable cause for the suspect to be issued a TPin.

2. Any person inciting, actively and publicly speaking of hate towards the British people, their morals, laws or the way they live or acting in a threatening manor i.e. Posting hateful propagander /threats to hurt, damage or kill should be deported or detained.

So far what we are doing is clearly not working. Enough is enough, it's time for change. 

Some key questions that have been raised are, where do we detain them? How do we fund this?

If you agree with this petition or have similar questions then sign the petition and let's get this into parliament so it can at least be debated.

Lets get our voices heard!


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