Young people can’t afford any Brexit deal. Give us the choice!

Young people can’t afford any Brexit deal. Give us the choice!

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Our generation can’t afford Brexit. A report, commissioned by us and written by Oxford and LSE academics, confirms that Brexit will hurt young people the most.

In the worst case scenario, young people would be £108,000 worse off in terms of lost earnings by 2050. That means that Brexit would be costing young people 6 years of full-time work at minimum wage, or four times as much as university tuition fees, or double the average first-time buyer’s deposit on a house.

Perhaps more concerning is the revelation that immediately after Brexit, young people will feel the squeeze of a financial loss of up to £830/year.

The report, therefore, shows that Brexit hurts us both in the short and long term.

Beyond the numbers, our study also shows other ways in which young people could suffer as a result of our leaving the EU.

From a loss of opportunities, to travel, work, and study in 27 other countries, to potential erosion of long-cherished rights, Brexit destroys in a single stroke many carefully constructed protections that young people have enjoyed for a generation.

It’s not just young adults: child poverty could worsen as the pound devalues and prices go up. Families could be torn apart, child custody could lose clarity, and tackling kidnapping across borders will become much more complex.

700,000 people marched last weekend for the future. They were led by thousands of young people - who want a chance to vote on the biggest issue of their generation. As it stands, they won’t get that chance.

We think it’s undemocratic to impose a decision on the most important issue of our generation on people who didn’t, or couldn’t, vote for it.

We didn’t vote for this!

The vast majority of us voted against it, and some didn’t get a chance in the first place. 18-24-year-olds now favour staying in the EU by a margin of 8 to 1. Among the 2 million who weren’t able to vote in 2016 but are of age now, the figure is even higher.

The country is changing its mind too. Nobody voted to make their kids poorer - yet that is exactly what every Brexit deal on the table will do. Polls now show a clear mandate across the UK for remaining in the EU.

That’s why we’re campaigning for a People’s Vote. Because we think young people deserve better than Brexit. They deserve to inherit a situation that’s better, not worse, than before. They didn’t vote for this mess and they shouldn’t have to live with it.

We demand a People’s Vote!



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