Make our road safer! 20 is plenty! and to include cats in the 1988 road traffic act

Make our road safer! 20 is plenty! and to include cats in the 1988 road traffic act

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Why this petition matters

Started by Deniz Ozbicak

We lost our little Lucky to a hit and run driver. He was such a lovely, chatty kitten. We live near a very busy road and it seems that a lot of drivers ignore the speed limit. Our lovely little kitten was spotted by 2 drivers making their way towards the traffic island at the top of Wolverhampton Street. the first car stopped and the second car slowed down to allow him to cross. A speeding car came off the island he was going too fast and he hit the little kitten at speed, and continued on his way.. 

We posted on social media to say we were seeking our missing kitten. We were very surprised to see how many people had news for us. The incident was witnessed by two males who had just finished their 06:00 shift at McDonalds. They were appalled by what they saw and they carried Lucky's lifeless body to the pavement. They tried to get help, but at such an early time in the morning there was no help available .With heavy hearts and heaving stomachs they had to leave him alone. 

We read up on the road traffic act 1988. Imagine our horror when we when we learned "under section 170 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 that there is a need to report accidents/collisions involving dogs, horses, badgers, ass, mules, sheep, pigs, cattle and goats but; no such reporting was necessary when killing a cat.  A beloved family member was not worthy of reporting to authorities, no penalty maximum £5000 or loss of maximum 6 points what about the cats?

There is not a speed limit signpost on or near the Traffic Island. It is a residential area on the B4162. Common sense should prevail no one should come careering off an Island so fast that they cannot see obstacles in their path.

There is a Nursery School situated just 70 yards (64 metres) away from the traffic island, just 1 minutes walk away. Surely "20 is plenty" would be a meaningful addition to road safety in this area. There are at least  2 residential old peoples homes in this area, 1 settlement consisting of 8 properties housing vulnerable and or disabled or end of life pathways, 1 nursery school, 1 junior school, 1 senior school and 2 churches also an Army Cadet meeting place and a public park.

There is a cycle path with a footway crossing from both sides of Wolverhampton Street, and it is dangerously close to the island, you literally take your life in your hands if you try to cross the road there.

A traffic light system on the island should go a long way toward regulating the flow of traffic and impede speeding.

Dennis Turner Close is about 50 yards away from the island, it is very difficult to turn into and exit from due to speeding traffic.

We just want to make our road safer for all users. Sooner or later someone will lose their life on it. 

314 have signed. Let’s get to 500!