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Support me at European Court of Human Rights to protect the autistic community

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Due to my unique situation from the extreme emotional, psychological and mental abuse inflicted upon me by several professional disciplines e.g. Police, Social Services, Court System etc which has resulted in my name and reputation to be permanently damaged beyond recognition. I consider my experiences and my ability to challenge at ‘any’ level will provide ‘us’ the best chances to proceed to the European Court of Human Rights. This would obviously ensure my life is restored but more importantly I can ‘with your assistance’ and ‘experiences’ to address the human rights violations and/or lack of support for a large proportion of the autistic community, the areas I would like to improve are the following:

• Early recognition of autism (Any and all autism sub categories e.g. ADHD, HFA, PDD etc)
• A autistic diagnostic pathway to provide a complete diagnosis of autism within a 3 – 6 month period depending on age to ensure least amount of disruption on a child’s education
• The creation of a government minister of autistic affairs
• An European public enquiry to investigate and gather evidence of the past and current situation experienced by autistic people and their families to ensure the UK provides the support, education and community settings that autistic children, young people and adults require to understand and be accepted in today’s society
• A national multidisciplinary team to oversee / manage satellite autism teams to create a file on ALL autistic people (any age) and ensure support is provided whether it maybe a few hours to full time support which can vary throughout a individuals life
• The development of LEA autism specific schools up to 16 / 18 depending on the child’s / young persons ability to attain GCSE’s with support and if possible to attend college to work towards either a academic / occupational subjects with individual support according to their personal requirements
• The creation of a national ‘community interest company’ to develop and manage social, peer support and advocacy services accessible throughout the UK
• The reverse of the current system whereby autistic young people and adults are locked up in psychiatric hospitals for indefinite periods
• To ensure when a autistic person commits an criminal offence and it is deemed the person was never supported appropriately to ensure the offence would NOT have been committed if support was indeed provided? Then the person would be re-direct to the multidisciplinary team for 24/7 support to be provided.
• The development of a range of permanent autism specific accommodation whereby autistic individuals have a ‘home for life’ with support (if deemed necessary) is withdrawn rather than the withdrawal of the accommodation and the individual is moved to inappropriate housing that does in a considerable amount of cases a deterioration of the persons mental health and puts them in harm of abuse
• To ensure a level access to disability benefits to be provided with the intention that the individual autistic person is supported into part / full time employment according to their individual ability
• The development of real-life supported employment throughout the UK and supporting local companies to recognise the ‘unique’ abilities of autistic people have and with support can enhance the company outlook on many levels


The above are my views resulting from my extensive life experiences of the needs of autistic people throughout an individual’s life. This list can ONLY be changed with the assistance of autistic people (children, young people and adults) and just as important the personal experiences and personal viewpoints of their families and friends?

Please email me ‘confidentiality’ NO names or locations will be passed to ‘any’ person, only your experiences will be used to demonstrate what is required to better support the autistic community and their families on fightingbackforautism at gmail com

Please sign this petition and link it to your social media to encourage ALL your friends and family NOT only support your family but the thousands of autistic people (any age) diagnosed or still waiting a diagnosis for autism and their families……

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