Theresa May: Stop The Cruel Separation of Children In Care Being Back With Their Parents

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This is a complex story spanning over 5 years and counting, consisting of serious safeguarding issues, and Oldham children's services (OCS) refusal to give me back my children, I need to explain and show some of the many injustice my family is currently facing, my journey through the family justice system, the lack of help received from my MP, directors of OCS, OCS hypocritical, lying ways and my long fight to seek justice for my family, and have my children returned to my care, before something serious happens to them.

This is also about psychological, mental, physical, emotional, discriminatory, sexual, neglectful and verbal damage, OCS have imposed on my children, their continuous breaching of the human rights act 1998 and court orders, and their controlling, intimidating, gagging, deceitful ways and more, to keep my family apart, and with help from foster carers, tried maliciously to turn my children against me ovof my children to happener the years, pushing me nearly completely out of their lives.

Brief background - My family moved to the north of the UK, I became ill with my depression due to stress of the move, pressure of schooling my children for the 1st time, as the schools registered for were not available, and other factors, was referred to a&e, the 1st doctor at a&e offered home treatment, but the 2nd doctor wanted to separate me from my children and requested I stay in hospital, I pleaded with this doctor, I didn’t want hospital stay, as no family member were around to care for my children, nor did I want them to go into care, due to horror stories of the care system, but the 2nd doctor ignored my pleads and sectioned me, preventing me from leaving the hospital with my children. Once discharged from hospital, and before returning my children, OCS told me they needed to do searches to see if my family was known to children services elsewhere, they found no evidence I had ever ill-treated my children, but that didn’t matter, they decided to create a web of lies, to get full care orders that legally imprison my children until age 18 or 21, and people such as the cafcass guardian Helen priest, the hired psychologist dr Jonathan Middleton, IRO Christine Giddins, head of child prevention Oldham saul Ainsworth, and the social workers all colluding together to prevent the return of my children.

Note - I have done no harm to my children apart from to seek help for my mental health, and due to the stigma surrounding mental health, OCS doesn't want the reunification my children to happen and this is torture, they are not thinking about my family mental and emotional wellbeing, as our lives doesn't matter. My children have expressed several times they want to return home to me, but OCS who claims to listen to children's wishes and feelings, ignores them everytime. It's outrageous to be told by OCS, it cost the council more to keep a child in care, or their aim is to cut down the number of children in care by returning them to their families, but that is not the case here, they are not considering returning my children. This here goes against everything children’s services was set up for, children services was not set up to be a finanical business where paid foster carers are allowed to abuse the children they are looking after, or to keep children hostage long term as they want the abuse to continue, and what's happening here can be related to what's currently happening in America with migrants children being separated from their parents, OCS are doing the same thing, except my family separation has been going on so cruelly and cold-heartedly for 5+ years and it includes significant harm and ill-treatment of my children by the foster carers and social workers.

With the level of abuse, my children have experienced under OCS care, they are now scarred for life. I don't want my children to become another baby P, Victoria Climbie, and so many other children failed by children’s services across the UK, year after year, as this is heading the same way, more so for my son being the youngest and most the vulnerable.

Reading this you would realise OCS have no valid sincere reason to keep hold of my children, apart from the pathetic lies they haven't stopped telling my children since 2014 such as, I’m ill, so they can’t return to my care, or “contacts needs to be established” before they can be returned (contacts have always been established, and when they happen, they're positive, but heavily supervised by social workers and/or contact staff, but OCS and foster carers then sabotage contacts by telling compulsive lies and preventing them from happening again), and their bias tendencies, stigma and more, plus OCS are embarrassed to admit the failures they have caused my family and continue to cause my family throughout the years, so they're using the fraudulent care orders obtained recently to prolong the cruel separation of my family and maintain the financial incentives they receive. Plus because I'm challenging OCS on their deceitful ways, they can't handle it and use intimidation and more to try and silence me.

Racism and systematic oppression are playing a big part here, so under the Freedom of Information (FOI), I requested my children's case files, it confirmed a lot, including the types of abuse my children were/are experiencing and more. I started covert recording in 2015 since I was on my own dealing with big bullies, and it was my word against their lies and negativity recorded about me and my children constantly. These recording tells the truth but people such as my mp, solicitors, directors of children care Oldham acknowledge them but refused to listen to them.

OCS has always been to divide, rule, torture and conquer, so as you read on you would learn, foster carer like Lynette was more interested in her house than keeping my son safe, and OCS are not interested in returning my children, but are more interested in my children's passports than the serious ill treatment and significant harm they have caused in the last 5+ years, that these were the main priorities during the bias court proceedings in May 2018, and during these proceedings OCS requested an independent social worker (ISW) to assess me, she did a positive report on me in nov 2017, but OCS and the cafcass guardian Helen Priest asked the judge to throw her report and besmirched her character in court, all because the report wasn’t a negative one, and as you read later, I requested the ISW to testify on my behalf in court but she was stopped from doing so by Oldham children’s services.

Here is history of what OCS have inflicted on my children since being under their care, abuse my children never experienced when they were with me.

Moves – OCS have played pass the parcel with my children moving them over 11 times to different strangers (including respite carers) who are not family members, isn’t this seen as abuse due to them being unsettled, and knowing when they are left with respite carers, it’s because their main carers wanted a break from them, if I sent my children from family member to family member in 5 years, it would be classified as abuse, but because its government bodies doing it it’s not.

My children have been placed with carers who have pets, I was never asked if my family suffers from allergies or can live with pets, coming from a family who suffers from pets allergies, my children should never have been placed with carers with pets, my son has developed asthma since being in care and has a blue and brown inhalers, and recently on the 05/07/18, he was placed with new strangers who have several different pets, this could trigger and worsen his allergies, OCS should be seen as being incompetent for them not thinking about his allergies which can become life threatening.

OCS are EXTREMELY hypocritical, because contacts doesn’t need to be established with these strangers, my children are constantly placed with, all they are given is a brochure of the strangers to look at, detailing their pretence information and then go on a trip to visit them with the social workers, with them pretending to care and showing them their made up room to entice them they are lovely people when in reality they may not be.

My children were then separated from one another a year into being in care, and now only seeing each other once a month isn’t this abuse?

What OCS have done here is deliberately damaging, each time my children have moved to strangers, they could have sent my children back to me who isn’t a threat, instead of strangers who might be threats. I'm very scared I'm going to be burying another child, if they’re not back with me ASAP.

Contacts – OCS are in breach of nearly all the articles in the human rights act 1998, in 5 years I’ve only seen my children less than 20 times for one and 14 for the other that’s less than 75 hours in total over the 5 years, how can this be considered normal especially if the parent has done no wrong

Culture - My children have never been culturally matched, they are missing hugely out on their culture, a culture that identifies them as human beings, a culture it has been noted none of the carers have great knowledge of due to the neglect of how to care, feed and maintain my children, if anyone can remember last year a 5 year old girl was placed with fosters carers who wasn’t religiously or culturally matched to her upbringing, there was a public outcry, and she was placed back with her family, my children are in the same situation, but OCS feels nothing.

Pushed Out – over the past 5 years I’ve become the invisible parent, OCS treats me like a criminal instead of a human being with feelings, I don’t know in great deal when it comes to my children’s health (for example I found out about the asthma from reading the case files), education unless am invited to lac and pep reviews, and I’m the last one to know about moves or is never told about things such as bullying, new abuses, only found these out when requesting my children case files under the FOI.

Abuse - Starting with foster carers number 4, Lynette and her husband Martin valentine, these carers and the social workers abused my children psychologically, mentality, physically, emotionally, discriminatory, neglectfully, and verbally abused, this was a daily occurrence for my children, more so on my son, I was not aware of the extent of the extreme abuse above, because his social worker Claire Robert and the independent reviewing officer (IRO) Chris giddin, made it seem it wasn't that serious and gave me little information, I requested updates to my children files under the FOI, and I found out there was a video of the abuse, I got the video from my daughter who had recorded this and many others. (chriss isn’t independent, she’s one-sided, always siding with OCS)

The video clip in this petition is a 51 sec snippet of an 8 mins disturbing video of my son being abused by the valentines. lynette comes charging up the stairs saying you're not banging anymore in my house, you're going outside OUT, you can see the shadow of her taking my son downstairs, my son screams as lynette is telling him, he’s getting out of the house, he’s screaming in distress as lynette continues her abuse, he’s on the stairs pleading with lynette to get off him, Lynette is dragging him down each stair case saying “the bumps doesn't hurt bump bump bump, the bump doesn’t hurt”,  she says don't kick me, you see my son moving backwards up the stairs, he was either between the 4th - 6th stair case, when lynette takes him by his leg and drags him, he hits a couple of stairs before landing on the floor, he would have been very sore and bruised at this point, but Lynette picks him up from the floor and puts him out of the house, saying “I’m not having you trashing my house”, my son is pleading with her not to put him out and tries to get back in, (you can tell this isn't the first time he's been put out of the house by Lynette, as she was so brazened to do so in broad daylight on a residential street), she locks the door on him, saying you're not coming in, she tells Martin not to let him in until he calms down, martin tells lynette do not lock the door repeatedly, then martin decides to provoke my son through the door, instead of being the reasonable adult by going against his wife and getting my son back in the house. The way lynette treated my son was like she was putting the dog or cat out, she and martin felt her house was more important than the safety of my child, my son would have been terrified being left out alone with no shoes on, in an area where anything could have happened to him, he could have been kidnapped, or worst. OCS claims CPS saw the video and concluded my son didn't suffer any cruelty, so no charges against the carers, but the foster carers agency are considering deregistering them, CPS didn't see the same video, as you could clearly see and hear abuse of my son, if I had done what Lynette did to my son, CPS would have classified it as child cruelty, but as it’s the foster carer, it’s not. My son has never been dragged down the stairs like he was garbage in my care. I never received an official letter from CPS confirming this conclusion nor did OCS send me an official letter from CPS confirming this, OCS only gave me something they had written on and typed up on a plain nonofficial A4 paper

The abuse inflicted on my children were on a daily basis, my son being locked out of the house, being called stupid, an idiot, he and his sister being racially, physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, neglectfully and verbally abused, but OCS feels this was ok as they participated in discriminatory, mental, emotional, psychological, neglectful and verbal damage as well, my children case files under the FOI confirms this.

Types of abuse the other carers and social workers inflicted on my children.

2013, carers number 1, male carer sexually assaulted my daughter (no letter was ever sent to me from the police or OCS), with my son both suffered mental, physical, psychological, emotional, discriminatory, neglectful and verbal abuse from the carers and social workers

2013-2014, carers number 2, no problem, but my children moved due to distance from school, the social workers caused further mental, psychological and emotional damage.

2014-2015, single carer number 3 christine, her son sexually molested my then 5-year-old son, (this wasn’t reported to police), my children moved to carers number 4, lynette and martin as mentioned earlier, the social workers caused further mental, psychological, verbal, discriminatory and emotional damaged.

2015-2016, carers number 5, bev and her husband jim, my son was separated from his sister to move here, these carers and the social worker inflicted psychological, physical, neglectful, discriminatory, verbal, mental and emotional abuse, he stayed for a short time before moving to carers number 6.

2016-2018, carers number 6, nicky and her husband steve forster, these carers along with the social worker inflicted psychological, physical, neglectful, discriminatory, verbal, mental, and emotional abuse which happened until 4/7/18

2018, carers number 7, no information about these carers apart from they live in Oldham, this move has caused my son further significant harm with his social worker causing psychological, discriminatory, verbal, neglectful, physical, mental, and emotional damage

2016-2018, my daughter moved from the valentines, to single carer number 5 Angela, then to single carer number 6 parvian, this carer and social workers caused verbal, psychological, neglectful abuse, with the social workers causing mental, discriminatory, emotional damage which is still happening.

The abuses my son has experienced affects his placements and worsens his behaviour because he wants to be home with me his mother, but due to the cold hearts OCS have they don't want this to happen. I have audio recording of his social worker admitting he is suffering from emotional and other abuses, and in his case file it states, carer Nicky was negative to my son about his biological family and prompted him on negative things to say, the school and claire's manager witnessed nicky's negative behaviour towards my son, which affected my son greatly, but his school stays quiet, while his social worker and her manager don’t act, instead they blame and labels my young son with a mental health problem, and refers him to therapy, the therapy sessions have shown to not to work as his behaviour is the same, but OCS keeps making him attend them, his behaviour is only going to get worse due to him now being moved to new strangers. These abuses have affected his behaviour that it’s recorded, he suffers from nightmares, low self-esteem, anxiety, he’s bullied at school, he talks about not wanting to be around anymore, he worries about being shipped off somewhere if naughty, this is what carers and social workers embedded in his young impressionable head, he worries and has become very sensitive due to the uncertainty of not being settled in the past 5 years in a loving home, he gets scared when former carers and social worker tells him he’s staying with them forever. He thinks why him, why is it that he has been abused by nearly all the foster carers and social workers and no one stopping it.

My son’s emotional well-being is affected and further significant harm is apparent, the mental state my son is in, it is going to send him deeper into insecurities, instabilities and more.

Court – Lost faith in the legal system. I went down the legal route, submitting a court application to have the care orders discharged and my children returned to my care, but the family legal system failed me, due to corruption and not receiving a fair trial. I had to change solicitors and barristers 3 times during proceedings that started in 2017, finding a solicitor and barrister that was there to seek justice, but it was all pointless and a con, because even though once hired, they acknowledged the severity of my case against OCS and the recordings I had, exposing OCS in their lies, once in court, each one along the way sided with OCS, and told me to accept these unfortunate events. Each legal teams I had were only in it for legal aid, being that for the little work they did, they would be paid. The judge was very bias, so OCS and cafcass guardian used it to admit there has been serious safeguarding issue inflicted on my children since being in care, he should however throw out my application, the judge being bias towards me did refuse to do so, so the solicitors, social workers, guardian (whose reports were flawed with bias tendencies), and barrister colluded together, to stop my 2 witnesses (ISW and former community support worker) who were called to court on my behalf, to not testify, OCS and the guardian admitted my children should be returned to me, with my oldest returning within a month followed by my youngest, proposing work that would start the reunification, but then they tricked me into withdrawing my court application, with help from my barrister (who strangely asked me in the court room during active hearing, if I wanted her to still represent me, and again during a short recess, then told me several times to trust her), OCS deceitfully and secretly changed the proposal they got me to agree to, with help from my barrister, to say my children are to remain in care, drawing up fraudulent care orders, which my barrister didn't allow me to see, and which the judge couldn't see either, due it only being on the OCS solicitor laptop which mysteriously decided to shut down when the judge asked for it to be sent over to him to approve and print, the judge told the OCS solicitor, she had his email address so to send it to him before the week is out as he was going away. I received the care orders via email on 25/05/18 from my solicitor claire roberts, with her saying my case is now complete. I asked her to rectify the orders immediately from the 25/05/18, but on the 11/06/18, she and Counsel Maureen Obi in a conference call refused to do so and stopped all communication with me.

MP - My MP Debbie Abraham failed me, contacted her 3 times in 2018, her aid did the 1st meeting on 13/04/18, as MP failed to attend, her aid was insensitive to my case, I complained, MP rearranged to meet me on 5/5/18, she informed me she’ll contact OCS and to contact her at any time, I did so via her parliament  email, giving updates about my case and requesting further action, but when we met 22/6/18, she wasn’t interested, she was clueless to my emails, due to not reading them nor being briefed on their contents, she fobbed me off by saying, she'll write to OCS again about safeguarding procedures.

OCS - I sent emails to the directors of children’s social care Oldham, merlin joseph and jill beaumout on 11/6/18 and Oldham chief executive Carolyn Wilkins on 28/6/18, detailing my case, evidence and OCS keeping my children captives, and asking for an investigation, Carolyn Wilkins hasn’t responded, jill and merlin refused to meet me, instead they sent complaint manager janet francis to see me on the 27/06/18, Janet Francis admitted she had no power to investigation, she told me to maybe seek advice from the Legal Ombudsman but in no way can I ask them to commission an investigation into OCS, she then tried to threatened me when she found out I was recording the meeting, she said there’s no one else I can seek help from, so deal with what’s going on, the case is now closed and ended the meeting.

Other Bodies - I cc in via email. the NSPCC, Children's Commissioner, ofsted, cafcass and others, when I contacted the directors of children social care, on 11/06/18, only the NSPCC wrote back stating they feel my pain, but there’s nothing they can do as they only work with children services and the police. I also contacted the FRG to no avail.

Everywhere I’ve turned has been a failure, Looking from the outside, no one realises the level of corruption and malpractices, children services do behind closed door, not even government bodies and charities are aware of it, as it’s secretly covered up very well, but not to a parent like me who along with my children are living through it every day with what senior management in OCS to cafcass and family court do to keep parents separated from their children.

This is the tip of the iceberg of what my family have been battling over the past 5 years, OCS are breaching nearly every article in the human rights act 1998, they have destroyed my family with no remorse of guilt.

I am fighting for justice to have my children who shouldn't be in the care system for this long, reunited with me.

Children services across the UK needs to be investigated, as it's a cruel, deceitful, harmful practice they have been allowed to get away with year after year, keeping children away from their parents, and allowing foster carers to abuse these defenceless children in their care.

A lot of families across the UK are being affected by this cruel separated from their children, and social workers blatantly lie to keep these children away from their parents.

Children in the care system will have long term damage from this cruel separation, which is permanent and would affect them tremendously as they get into adulthood, so it needs to stop.

OCS are refusing to give my children back, they have tried to take away my voice, but haven't as I refuse to stay silent, I want to use my voice to bring awareness and give other parents whose voices have been taken away, to speak out against any injustice implemented by any local authority across the UK, and also warn to think carefully before calling children’s services for help or having others seeks help from them for you, as you may never see or have a relationship with yyour children again until they reach 18 or 21.

I need to help bring much needed change to this cruel and demonic practice in children’s services, hidden to government bodies, but blatant to parents like me.

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