Stop discrimination towards tenants with pets and children!

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Too many tenants are discriminated against in the private sector. If you have a dog, cat or even children you cannot apply for most suitable houses to rent.  This is regardless of previous references being good or how well behaved the pet or child is.  

We are facing homelessness because for no reason our landlord doesn't want to renew our lease. Given 2 months to find somewhere new in a market that won't accept our French Bulldog. We pay our rent on time, we've caused no damage. I'm 44. I don't have kids and probably never will. My dog makes our family whole.

Tenants have to pay around £600 admin fees and 6 weeks deposit as well paying way more than the mortgage. Why are we then still treated so badly? We are people who want to love and be loved and usually a pet and/or children provides this. Why should landlords take away that right?? 

We are supposed to be living in a 'free country' not a dictatorship run by landlords and letting agencies. Private tenants are usually full time employed, pay our way and deserve to live without discrimination. Our story is not unique. We don't get help from the government because we're not on benefits and not considered as vulnerable.  PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE.