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Stop Brexit

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If you want to stop Brexit, support this petition by signing it. I personally believe Brexit is something that will put Britain into a dangerous position where we will not know what will happen. This is a dangerous task as we will have to make new trade agreements that could take up to 10 years. The question of leaving was unclear as people did not know what the European Union was. It was unclear what would be the consequences of this decision. People who support Brexit, every time that they lost in the referendum after a few of years there would be another one. I want to ask Theresa May why a 1.9% difference means immediately that we have to leave. We are not allowed a second vote. People were in the dark. They were given the false impression that the EU was some bad evil man who stole money when in reality this was false reasoning from people like Boris Johnson when in reality the 28 representatives of the European countries decide on where the money payed by Britain to the EU should go. In 2014, 66 million pounds was given to Britain for the development of the West Coast mainline. Sure maybe we contribute more money and lose some but this money doesn't disappear into the pockets of the EU members, no, it goes to the development of poorer countries like Poland and the Czech Republic so that in future years they can contribute as much as Germany, France and Italy do. Germany provided nearly 30 million euros of the 150 million euros the EU has to decide where it goes. They only got roughly 13 million euros back and they don't decide to have a referendum and break the trade agreements that have been set up for nearly 45 years in Britains case. Thank you for reading this and if you agree with me, vote for this petition. 

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