Stop benefit cap on families in PIP system

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  1. Couples who care for their partner with disibilty can not work. Not through choice but because they are full time carers. As on the system it just shows two adults not working, families going through the PIP system are being hit by the benefit cap. The benefit cap shows no compassion for families who are already in circumstances of hard ship. Disabled fighting a corrupt system to be intilted to PIP are also now being hit by benefit cap, making our most vulnerable  homeless and more in need. Families with children, no matter how many children they have. Its making the sick poorer, more unwell and causing mental illness to become even more brutal. The system isnt going to work! Causing more strain on the lical authority housing as our most in need become more in need. Mental health and diability are our most vulnerable people yet the government are making the disabled more in need. The government can cut costs by capping private rentals, where landlords are paying their morgages with benefits on multiple properties and making a large income. This alone will save millions in housing benefit paid rather than cutting housing payments leaving families in dier need in return putting more strain on our housing. 

Im asking Luke hall, my local MP whos been so supportive, to take this further and get and one within the esa and PIP system, the support they need finacially stopping our vulnerable becoming more vulnerable. 

Thank you x