Remove John Bercow MP as speaker of the House

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John Bercow MP and Speaker of the House is not fit to carry out the duties given to him. He has clearly shown a biased opinion during the Brexit debates and votes and proven that he cannot meet the basic principles of being The Speaker. He has gone against the will of the people. Parliament is in turmoil at the moment, and Mr. Bercow, The Speaker of the House of Commons sensationally dismissed top contender for Mrs May’s coveted role Boris Johnson, who said the UK will leave on 31 October “deal or no deal”. Mr Bercow, an avid Remainer, said: “The idea the House won't have its say is for the birds.” He added during a speech in the US: “The idea that parliament is going to be evacuated from the centre stage of debate on Brexit is unimaginable.”

His  latest remarks come after bookies’ second favourite for the top spot after Mrs May leaves her role on June 7, Dominic Raab, said MPs will do nothing to stop him bringing the UK out of the EU without a deal if he became the next Prime Minister.

Mr Raab said whether the UK has a deal with Brussels by Halloween - the third and final delayed deadline - Britain is coming out regardless.

The remarks could trigger Mr Bercow to find a way to get Remainer MPs to stage a vote on an emergency debate, as he has threatened in the past, allowing a law to block a no deal to pass.

17.4 million people voted to leave the European Union in 2016, in the largest democratic exercise in this country, and despite article 50 being  initiated, and MP's manifesto's, there have been many attempts at thwarting Brexit. There is a log jam in parliament, and it is becoming increasingly clear that mp's and now the speaker are finding whatever legal loopholes they can to further frustrate the will of the people.

We live in a democracy, and vote accordingly. Our mp's are meant to implement our instructions.  To further prevent Brexit from happening in October is  going to cause more damage to the country, increase bad feeling, cost the  tax payer, and above all is a kick in the face to our democracy which we hold sacred, irrespective of what way we voted. Voting in elections is the one key part of the democratic process that we,  the citizens of this country hold dear. It seems as though democracy is being held back at every twist and turn, and the Speaker of the House has not hidden his political viewpoint. He is not behaving in a non biased manner, and for this reason we feel that he is not fit to hold the position entrusted to him.