Pass A Law To Ban Single Use Plastic

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Plastic is a polymeric material, a material whose molecules are very large, often resembling long chains made up of a seemingly endless series of interconnected links. The average consumer comes into daily contact with all kinds of man-made plastic materials that have been developed specifically to not easily decay, meaning they are also usually biodegradable. Since synthetic plastics are largely non-biodegradable, they tend to persist in natural environments. Moreover, many lightweight, single-use plastic products and packaging materials, which account for approximately 50 percent of all plastics produced, are not deposited in containers for subsequent removal to landfills, recycling centres, or incinerators. Instead, they are improperly disposed of at or near the location where they end their usefulness to the consumer. Dropped on the ground, thrown out of a car window, heaped onto an already full rubbish bin, or carried off by a gust of wind, they immediately begin to pollute the environment. Indeed, landscapes littered by plastic packaging have become common in many parts of the world. Illegal dumping of plastic and overflowing of containment structures also play a role in this. Studies from around the world have not shown any particular country or demographic group to be most responsible, though population centres generate the most litter. The causes and effects of plastic pollution are truly worldwide now. In fact, it isn't just our problem now. Other countries are making an effort, so why can't we? Charging for a single-use bag doesn't actually do much. Some stores still give out plastic bags too. I think banning single use plastic bags altogether will do something good for the environment. We all know animals eat some of the plastic we leave behind; they mistake it for food and it's killing them. Plastic bottles are also a big concern because oil is used to make plastic. The amount of oil used to produce a lot of the plastic we use could be used to do something useful. The world is slowly running out of resources and we need to watch what we do. The funniest thing is that this all indirectly links to global warming and air pollution. All the factories that make the plastic are polluting the air and the thick smoke that is produced is damaging the layers of the atmosphere. Please sign this and see how we can save our planet.