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Make sure firefighters arrive at emergencies with enough time to save lives

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If you are trapped in a burning building or in a car that has crashed, it will take longer than it should for firefighters to rescue you. 

This is because response times to fires and other emergencies that firefighters attend are at their slowest for 20 years. In reality, this means more people are unnecessarily dying in fires.

I should know.

In 2015, my friend Choi Yip died in a fire at his home after it took fire crews nearly a quarter of an hour – nearly double the emergency response time target – to get to him. By the time they arrived, it was too late for Choi.

Even when the first engine arrives to a fire in time, it is essential that a second fire engine is present before fire crews enter a burning building and begin rescuing victims. This is to ensure that proper firefighting procedures are followed as well as watching out for the first crew in case they get into difficulty. Even when the first engine arrives in time, they have to wait for back up.

Firefighters, like the crew featured in The Firefighters’ Dilemma film, are torn between following safe, professional procedures and the moral pressure to do everything to save lives. This is happening with alarming regularity all over the UK.

It’s getting worse as a result of 10,000 frontline firefighter job cuts since 2010. There are now less firefighters on fewer fire engines coming from a reduced number of fire stations that are able to respond to emergencies.

The solution is simple. The government needs to set national standards to improve rescue response times across the UK.

Sign this petition and ask the government to take action now.

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