Make disability pushchairs classed same as wheel chair priority on public transport

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Special needs buggies are given to children with disabilities mainly the ones that are hidden. 

Many times whilst being on public transport mainly busses ,I have been told to take my disabled child out the buggy, even after showing her disabled ID badge and bus pass given by local council.

in response I've been told my child does not look disabled .

Our buggy was supplied too us through Wiltshire wheelchair services via  the ooccupational therapist. 

But at present is not classed as a wheel chair. 

My daughter is 5 years old and has


Global developmental delay 


seperation anxiety disorder 

genetic problems 

and much more. 


I believe in rights for children with hidden disabilities.


these special needs pushchairs do look like a Normal buggy but are clearly wider and bigger   In general it comes in many parts. You have to take the footplate off to fold the buggy down. If raining you have the hood that's seperate and the rain cover. 

If have to take this down on a bus with a child  with special needs can lead to an unsafe journey and a child having a meltdown. A child with special needs tend to be much calmer and happier  in this buggy then being taken out and placed on the seat also much safer, it is also best for the whole bus and saves the glares and stares from the public who think your child is being naughty when having a meltdown.

this is just and example of one of the makes  of buggies out there. 


please help me get signatures to ensure our children with special needs that require these buggies get treated much better and given the rights they so much deserve.