Maddie: Demand Scotland Yard to hand over crucial DNA evidence to leading expert Dr Perlin

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What happened to Madeleine Mccann? Over £10million spent and our authorities have not accepted an offer of FREE D.N.A examination from one of the world's leading experts.


This could be a chance to uncover the truth behind a disappearance that shocked the world. For no cost. 

This petition is based on the offer from Dr Mark Perlin, a leading DNA expert and head of Cybergenetics to examine the previously inconclusive DNA data that Operation Grange has, in its attempt to solve the disappearance of Madeline Mccann. 

In a recent Podcast series by Mark Saunokonoko and, the journalist questions all of the evidence in the case and interviews Dr Mark Perlin himself. 

He told Nine’s podcast Maddie: “If a lab can produce informative data, even if it is complex and mixed, but they can't interpret it then you can have tremendous injustice."

You can listen to that episode HERE: (it may give you a new view on why the retesting of this DNA evidence is crucial.)

So far all results have been found to be INCONCLUSIVE, but as this case is now over 12 years old, DNA technology has advanced to a point where Dr Perlin's method 'TrueAllele®' could uncover the truth. 

"When science fails, crimes go unsolved or innocents are punished. Crime labs routinely misinterpret their DNA data, reporting wrong match statistics or nothing at all. TrueAllele® computing can accurately recover this lost DNA evidence."

Working as an expert witness and whose technology is over-turning, or ensuring convictions all over the world, Dr Perlin has offered to test this evidence completely FREE. 

However the UK police force and Operation Grange has yet to accept Dr Perlin's gracious Pro bono offer. Initially set-up by Theresa May (now the UK Prime Minister) to discover the truth behind her disappearance, the Operation has cost the UK taxpayer well over £10million

In an effort to discover the truth for both Kate & Gerry Mccann, as well as the public, we ask for your signatures to get this noticed by the people in charge of the official investigation. 

If nothing can be determined or proven, we've lost nothing

However, if new evidence can be recovered, it could provide a much needed breakthrough in the case that's captured the interest of the general public. 

It should be in EVERYONE'S interest to find out what happed to Madeline Beth Mccann and have those responsible brought to justice. 



"Madeleine McCann mysteriously vanished from her family's holiday apartment in Portugal on May 3, 2007. She remains the world's most famous missing person. Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry, said their daughter was abducted. However, lingering questions about what happened have never gone away." Source =



Hair and other fibres were collected from areas in the car and apartment 5A where Keela and Eddie (trained blood and cadaver dogs) had given alerts, and were sent to the Forensic Science Service (FSS) in Birmingham for DNA profiling, arriving around 8 August 2007. 
source =

Dr Perlin will be able to analyse this DNA collected. Tested by the FSS (which has  now closed down) it could provide key evidence in her safe return. 


It's not for us to say, but there are instances in where DNA evidence tested by the FSS has come into question. 

  1. DNA test jailed innocent man for murder =
  2. DNA rape sample procedures 'not adequate' =


Thanks to Mark Saunokonoko and his colleagues at 9news for their podcast series and putting themselves in contact with some of the world's leading experts to secure and promote such an offer.