Keep Raymond Varley in prison

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Claire McIntyre was a 12 year old girl from Beaumont Leys in Leicester she was sexually assaulted and murdered by Raymond Varley in March 1991. The-then 40-year-old lured Claire into his flat in Lomond Crescent by promising to give her a New Kids On The Block tape for her birthday, once inside, the father-of-three indecently assaulted and strangled Claire. A judge later noted that Claire, described by her family as a bright and outgoing girl, appeared to have fought for her life. Raymond left his flat for a time and came back and wrapped Claire’s body in a quilt and pushed it out of his kitchen window. He also placed a backdated note on his front door saying he was away from home for two weeks. Claire, who lived just yards away in neighbouring Rannoch Close, lay undiscovered in undergrowth while her family and police searched for her. After several hours, a search team found her and broke the news to the family.

No other family should have to go through the pain of losing a loved one like Claires family. Raymond Varley should not be released Claire lost her life why should he get his back