I’m calling for harsher sentencing for drivers using their mobile phones who cause injury

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This is my three year old nephew in the picture. Two years ago our lives changed forever when a driver, while on his mobile phone, hit my nephew and his granddad, leaving our little boy brain damaged.

He was being carried across the road by his granddad. The lights had turned red and the green man was on. Between 7-9 seconds after walking onto the road, his grandad was hit by the car who jumped the red light as he was on his mobile phone. My nephew went flying out of his grandads arms and was thrown to the floor, leaving him severely brain damaged. He had to be airlifted to The Royal London Hospital where he needed emergency surgery to release the pressure on his brain. He was then transferred to The Great Ormond Street Hospital where he stayed in Intensive Care under a ventilator for several weeks.

The family were notified that his chances of survival were minimal and that he is not able to stay on the ventilator all his life. The family had to make the heartbreaking decision to pull his ventilator, but the superhero he is, he started to breath on his own.

He has since been to several different institutions for care such as Northwick Park Hospital and The Children’s Trust in Tadworth. He is now at an adapted home where he requires 24 hour care. Once a normal child, now he is unable to eat, talk or walk.

The driver part pleaded guilty to 2 counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. At a further hearing he was also found guilty of using his mobile phone. Yet the sentence given was only a 2 years suspended sentence for each count, 3 years disqualification and 240 hours community service - a suspended sentence is a sentence that isn’t enforced, so the driver gets to go about his life while our family suffer the consequences.

Where is the justice for our family?

After this happened, I can’t imagine it happening to another family. So I’m calling for harsher sentencing for drivers using their mobile phones who cause injury. Maybe if the sentence was harsher, it would act as a deterrent and people would take not using their phones while driving more seriously.

We know that the family will never be at peace after this injustice, but at least we can create a legacy and stop it happening to more families.