Hull's Bee Lady Should Get On The Queens Honour's List.

Hull's Bee Lady Should Get On The Queens Honour's List.

18 January 2017
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ellie Broadley

I'm Ellie Broadley a 13 year old girl from Hull. Since I was little I have always seen the bee lady walking around the streets of Hull raising money for the charity Age UK. This lady is called Jean Bishop she is 94 and so far has raised £110,000 and is aiming for £200,000.

This lady is an inspiration to everyone in Hull. Jean has been awarded a 'Pride of Britain' in 2013 but I believe that she deserves to be on the Queen's Honours List. The bee lady has been in and around the local shopping centre's in Hull forever, since I can remember. She is such a lovely lady and always has a smile on her face. 

Most importantly I don't know the outstanding Jean Bishop but I think she should receive the award that she thoroughly deserves. 

Sunday 5th February.

On Friday 3rd February, the wonderful Bee Lady came to my school bringing with her, the Hull Daily Mail reporter/photographer and Viking FM (our local radio station). Click here to read the article. I just thought a photographer was going to come and take a few pictures. But to my surprise, Jean and the reporters all came. When I found out she was coming, I was overwhelmed! Everyone knew except for me. 

She is one of the kindest and nicest people I have ever met. When I told her how many people so far had signed the petition (1,300 at the time) she was blown away with the thought of everyone doing it just for her. She said 'I thought things like this only happened to filmstars' and that she 'couldn't believe one person could do such a lovely thing' for her. 

They came at dinner time so everyone was watching and as we walked out the doors I told Jean to look up. Everyone was shouting 'Bee Lady' she was so happy to see older children wanting to see her. She thought only little children liked to see her. She smiled and waved at everyone.

In my half-term holidays, Jean has invited me and my family to go for tea and biscuits at her local knitting club which, of course, I will be honoured to attend. 

Saturday 4th March.

I went to see Jean and all her friends at her knitting club. They all were so lovely and me and my mum stayed all day. But the local news came, Look North, and filmed us all! Also BBC Radio Humberside came to record me and Jean to play for the next morning. Then at 8:30am the next day, I had to go live on radio and they played the recording.

I wrote a letter to Theresa May too, asking her to help in getting Jean on the Queen's Honour's List. Today I got a reply from Downing Street and they have forwarded it on to the Cabinet Office, who makes all the decisions. I will hopefully here from them soon too.  

 Monday 17th April.

I haven't got a reply off the Cabinet Office yet I'm still waiting but I have now sent a handwritten letter to the Queen and I am waiting for a reply. Today I have featured in the Hull Daily Mail again to tell people how much this would mean to Jean, and of course how much this would mean to me. Click here to read the article. 

Saturday 13th May.

Today, it is Jean's Birthday, and yesterday I went to her party at Hull City Hall. She invited me and my school give me the afternoon off to go. I got her a present and some flowers. All the services were given free and thousands of cards were sent from people all over Hull. It was really fun, I really enjoyed it.

Friday 16th June.

Since the last update, I have recieved a letter off the Queen and the Cabinet office. Also, I wrote to Prince Harry, and got a reply off him, too.

Tuesday 29th August.

I haven't forgot about the petition. I had an accident at school, and broke my elbow. The first operation didn't go as planned, at Hull Royal, leaving me with very little movement. So, all my holidays I have been going to appointments, getting scans and having assessments at Sheffield Children's Hospital. I haven't forgot about this and I'm still asking people to sign. And, as I'm sure that you all are, please keep on sharing, one little push that's all we need.

Saturday 28th October.

Today we reached 5,000 signatures, and I would just like to thank every single person who has signed this petition. Thank you all so much. Nobody knows how much this means to me, we have got to my target and are already going past it. Thank you. The signatures have been going up so fast in this last week, I have no idea why, but it is great anyway. And just because we have now reached my target, don't stop telling people about it, every signature counts, just please, keep sharing it, it means so much to me. I will make sure Jean finds out about this milestone reached, she will be so happy. Thank you all, you all just so amazing. 

Keep your fingers crossed for Jean, we can do this!

Thanks to everyone supporting this and, once again, please keep sharing. With Love Ellie. xx

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Signatures: 5,778Next Goal: 7,500
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