Help protect our communities from gambling harm with sufficient self-exclusion.

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Gambling addiction in the UK is huge. The effects on both individuals and the wider communities has been discussed in parliament many times since it has come to realisation that we have a big problem.

Unfortunately all we hear is the same story for years repeating -"We're going to reduce the stakes" which has never actually happened but misleads the public into thinking something is being done to curb the harm caused by the large numbers of gambling addiction, when in fact it is those profiteering from gambling that are sending out the press releases. 

I explain in one of my latest blog posts of how the current process of those that find themselves wanting to self-exclude in betting shops can often find it challenging at the time due to them being asked to go and buy passport photos to self exclude.

Just think about it, a person loses all their money in a short period of time and if they have anything at all left it's often a choice of baked beans on toast or the passport photos.
It's not a feasible solution and there should be an opportunity to self-exclude there and then.

I propose that it should be made law, for ALL BETTING SHOPS AND GAMBLING ESTABLISHMENTS in the UK to spend just a tiny percentage of the money they make from problem gamblers, into investing in a camera that can be used on-site by betting shop staff, so that people with gambling problems can sufficiently self exclude.  

People with gambling problems are more likely to want to self-exclude after losing all their money...but after what can be a traumatic event after losing control, there simply is no option to self-exclude unless you miraculously have two spare passport photos of yourself in your pocket or have spare money left. 
It's a joke which isn't funny in the slightest. 

Not everyone will realise how this simple move could be a progressive step to help problem gamblers, so those that do - please sign and share!