Help me get my baby girl back and stop social services taking wanted babies!

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I had my daughter forcefully removed from my care without sufficient reasoning behind their decision. 

Me and my daughter have an incredibly close bond which is visible to everyone. I was discriminated against because of my age and I am not laying down and having it. 

So many mums who love and cherish their children are in my same position I want my daughter back at home where she should be with her family that love her dearly and want her home! 

I’m suffering very badly and miss my daughter. She’s two and a half and she is about to be permanently placed with a family whom she don’t know it’s wrong and disgusting and I think as a community we need to make a stand against it. 

My daughter hasn’t come to any harm in my care NEVER and she never would my daughter is my world she never wanted for nothing and to have her taken under false pretences is heartbreaking! 

Social services are there to help but they don’t they destroy family’s and ruin our children’s lives! 

Please share this and help me make a stand against this! 

I want and need my princess back ���