Government to fully accept the UN Alston report on UK poverty & act on UN recommendations.

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We demand that government fully and publicly accept the 2018 United Nations Alston preliminary report on UK poverty and act on any United Nations recommendations or resolutions as a result of the full report when it is produced.

The preliminary report was damming about the current welfare system and government welfare policy, austerity and in particular Universal Credit.

The Alston report said many damning things about Universal Credit and the following is just a small sample...

"Universal Credit is driven by the desire to get across a simple set of messages that the state no longer has you back and you are on your own"

"No single program embodies the combination of the benefits reforms and the promotion of austerity programs more than Universal Credit. Although in its initial conception it represented a potentially major improvement in the system, it is fast falling into Universal DISCREDIT."

"Universal Credit and the other far-reaching changes to the role of government in supporting people in distress are almost always ‘sold’ as being part of an unavoidable program of fiscal ‘austerity’, needed to save the country from bankruptcy. In fact, however, the reforms have almost certainly COST THE COUNTRY FAR MORE THAN THEIR PROPONENTS WILL ADMIT."

The full report is due to be completed and released in the summer of next year but this petition intends to make sure this government does not forget the reports initial findings.

United Against Universal Credit then plans to make sure the full report is fully exposed to the general public so that this government acts on any recommendations contained within it or acts to improve upon the misgivings it finds within it.