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Free Tom Dobbie from prison

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Tom Dobbie from Chester is an innocent man yet, has been imprisoned by the system without trial simply for trying to highlight sexual abuse against his young daughter.

Tom Dobbie reported to the authorities, SEXUAL abuse against his young daughter and they took no action.

Read about it here in a detailed blog on the incident where Tom's daughter was forced to perform oral sex. 

Like any decent father would, Tom fought to bring this to the public’s attention due to the lack of action by Police and the judicial system.

Ironically, his fight was deemed ‘harassing’ and he was charged with harassment by police, yet, the sexual abuse of his daughter was left unpunished!

The trial for bogus harassment charge has not taken place, but they decided to lock him up on remand until the trial, Tom believes this is to hamper his defence at the trial.

Tom is a loving and caring father and is fighting for justice for his young daughter who WAS sexually abused, there is no doubt about that, evidence has been provided, but for some reason, the Police and judicial system do not want to do anything, possibly because they know that have made bad choices and now trying to cover this up.  

Why would a judge say, forcing a 12 year old girl to have oral sex is not a sexual crime.

This petition is to bring this to the public attention.  This is NOT a petition to confirm or deny his harassment charge (albeit a ridiculous charge), but to get Tom released from prison (remand, remember, he has not been convicted of ANYTHING and innocent until proven guilty)

This man is simply fighting for justice for his daughter and was locked like an animal for this!

Read Article 5 (and others) of the Human Rights Act 1998

Put yourself in his shoes, what would you do if this was your daughter!  

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